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SevenFriday: Breaking The Norms Of Watchmaking

SevenFriday is a Swiss brand aimed to challenge the norms of the watch industry through their out-of-the-ordinary creations. With the motto “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me”, SevenFriday wants their clients to live as if every day is a Friday. This means going out of their comfort zone, experiencing new things, and having that sense of freedom by using their watches. 

What is unique about SevenFriday is that it uses industrial engines and architecture as inspirations for their watches. The W1/01 BLADE from the SevenFriday W Series is inspired by the circular saw, while the M2/02 from the SevenFriday M Series is inspired by copper pipes from the industrial revolution. SevenFriday’s one-of-a-kind timepieces separates them from the rest and gives them an added edge despite being a young competitor in the market.

How Much is a SevenFriday Watch?


SevenFriday Q Series Q2/03


$1,190 USD44.3mmStainless steel circular case, square edge, stainless steel bezel with polished gun metal PVD coating, mineral glass, splash/rain resistant, automatic movement Miyota 8219, 40H power reserve
SevenFriday S Series S1/01$1,200 USD



Stainless steel case and bezel, leather strap, anti-reflective mineral glass,splash and rain resistant,  automatic Miyota 82S5 movement, 40H power reserve 
SevenFriday V Series V3/01$1,220 USD44.3mm Stainless steel circular case with square edges and gunmetal PVD treatment, stainless steel bezel, domed mineral glass, padded leather strap, fast strap changer, rain resistant, automatic movement Miyota 82S7, 40H power reserve
SevenFriday P Series P3B/03 $ 1,150 USD47mmStainless steel dark gun metal PVD case and bezel, mineral glass with anti reflective coating, leather and silicone lined strap, splash and rain resistant, automatic movement Miyota 82S7,  40H power reserve
SevenFriday W Series W1/01 $1,250 USD44.3mmStainless steel case and bezel, K1 mineral glass box with anti-reflective coating, padded, fast strap, splash/rain resistant, automatic movement Miyota 82S7,  40H power reserve
SevenFriday M Series M3/01 $1,100 USD47mmStainless steel with PVD gunmetal treatment and polished case and bezel, anti-reflective mineral glass, automatic movement Miyota calibre 8215, 40H power reserve
SevenFriday M Series M1B/01 $1,250 USD47mm Stainless steel case and bezel,  K1 mineral glass with anti-reflective coating, denim and leather strap, automatic movement Miyota 8215, 40H power reserve
SevenFriday P Series P2B/02$1,134 USD47mmStainless steel case, PVD bezel, anti-reflective mineral glass, leather strap, splash/rain resistant, automatic movement Miyota 82S7,  40H power reserve

SevenFriday T Series T2/01


$850 USD45mmStainless steel case, canvas strap, splash/rain resistant, automatic skeleton TMI (Seiko) NH70
SevenFriday P Series P3C/03 $ 1,200 USD47mmStainless steel case, PVD bezel,  leather canvas strap, 10ATM water resistance, automatic MIYOTA 82S7, 40H power reserve
SevenFriday P Series P3C/09 $1,628 USD47mmPVS case, carbon fiber bezel, K1 hardened mineral glass, leather strap, automatic MIYOTA 82S7, 40H power reserve, 10ATM water resistance 
SevenFriday T Series T3/02  $1,190 USD45.6mmPVD case, stainless steel case, splash/rain resistant, K1 hardened glass
SevenFriday Q Series Q2/03 $1,190 USD49.7 mmStainless steel case and bezel, anti-reflective mineral glass, leather fast strap, splash and rain resistant, automatic movement Miyota 8219, 40H power reserve
SevenFriday M Series M2/02$1,474 USD47.6mmStainless steel case and bezel, anti-reflective mineral glass, suede leather strap, splash and rain resistant, automatic movement Miyota 8215, 40H power reserve
SevenFriday P Series PC1/01 ALBA $1,150USD47mm Stainless steel case, K1 mineral glass with anti-reflective coating, leather strap, splash and rain resistant, automatic movement Miyota 82S7

SevenFriday Watch Series 

SevenFriday has seven series you can choose from. They are divided into two categories: the iconic SevenFriday square watches, which include the M, P, S, and T series; and the more circular ones with an asymmetric design, which are the  Q, V, and W series. Although all have stunning and complex industrial designs, it all boils down to the tiniest of details that make it different from each other.

Prices For SevenFriday Square Watches

SevenFriday M-Series

The unique style of the SevenFriday M-Series is the horizontal Y shape on its dial. It also has discs in place of hands. The hours can be seen on the far left while the minutes is placed in the center. However, the SevenFriday M2/02 model is different from the rest with its hours on the far right. This series also features timepieces with bold and vivid colors in collaboration with ROCKETBYZ, an international virtual artist.

Continuing with the SevenFriday M2/02 model, this timepiece is inspired by copper pipes from the industrial revolution and is priced at $1,474 USD. The 47mm watch has a combination of rose gold and grey tones for its box, bezel, and interface. With a brown calfskin suede leather with brown stitching strap, this model is perfect whether you want to dress up or dress down.

SevenFriday S-Series

For the SevenFriday S-Series, the models have the hours in the middle, a classic hand for the minutes and a small disc at the lower right for the seconds. It is made of several layers of different materials like opaline glass, brass, rhodium to create an illusion of depth.

SevenFriday used the valves in machines during the second industrial revolution as inspiration for their SevenFriday S2/01 model. It has rhodium and antique brass details and has a size of 47mm. This  watch is priced at around $1,250 USD and is perfect to pair with earth-toned outfits.

SevenFriday P-Series

This series is similar to the SevenFriday S-Series. The only difference is that instead of having multiple materials for its dial, the SevenFriday P-Series only has one. To be able to achieve the look of different layers similar with the S-Series, they opted to have different finishes instead, like polished, brushed, and sandblasted.

The SevenFriday P3C/02 RACER III watch, which is priced at $1,200.00 USD, is a SevenFriday sports watch you want to get your hands on. This good-looking men’s watch features a leather strap and polished stainless steel case and bezel. It is mostly black but has red highlights in the tachometer. Wear this 47mm watch on the road for the sporty and cool vibe. 

SevenFriday T-Series

The SevenFriday T-Series is a blueprint-inspired collection that is smaller, lighter and thinner compared to the rest. It also features the traditional hands we see on timepieces but with a more elevated look.  

The SevenFriday T2/01 (Gradient green) and SevenFriday T3/01 (Gradient blue) models both have tinted lenses similar to the ones used in their eyewear counterparts. They also have the same size measuring 45mm and a semi-transparent dial. The SevenFriday T2/01 is priced at $850 USD and comes with a canvas strap, while the SevenFriday T3/01 is priced at $900 USD and comes with a leather strap.

If you are wondering how much SevenFriday watches cost, the square watches are more or less priced at $850 USD to $1,628 USD. However, limited-editions can cost around $1,700.00 USD to $2,600.00 USD.

Prices For SevenFriday Watches with Semi-Circular Designs 

SevenFriday V-Series

If you enjoy numbers, you will love the SevenFriday V-Series as it requires you to do a little math to tell the time, which they call as the additioner principle. All you have to do is to add the number on the central disk to the corresponding number it is pointed at to tell the hour. For the minutes, it is presented using the traditional hand and for the seconds there is a rotating disk on the lower right of the dial. To determine if it is AM or PM, there is an indicator on the upper left.

For an engine inspired timepiece, go with the SevenFriday V3/01 which got its design from speedometers. It features a gun metal case coated in gun metal PVD, domed mineral glass, and padded semi-matt leather strap. The 44.3mm timepiece with blue and red accents costs $1,220 USD and is perfect to wear with casual to semi-formal outfits. 

SevenFriday Q-Series

The SevenFriday Q-Series has a regular hand for the minutes, a sub-dial for the hours, and an even smaller dial for the seconds. What is unique about this series is that there is a compass-like hand that makes a full rotation indicating that it has been 24 hours. It also has a date indicator featured on the 3 o’clock mark of the watch.

If you are interested in trains, we recommend SevenFriday’s Q2/03 CHOO-CHOO model which pays homage to the locomotive cockpit during the industrial revolution. Apart from its black, gray and copper colors, what gives the most feel of the train is the railroad inspired leather strap has a worn-out rusted look that blends well with the rest of the timepiece’s design. If interested, you can purchase this 44.3mm watch at $1,190 USD.

SevenFriday W-Series

The SevenFriday W-Series is an easy-to-read timepiece with the hours in the center, a classic hand for the minutes, and a sub-dial on the lower right for the seconds. Along with these is a day and night indicator on the 9 o’clock mark. 

The SevenFriday W1/01 BLADE is inspired by the circular saw hence the circular disk in the middle with teeth-like edges. It has a black padded calf skin leather and has a measurement of 44.3mm. This stainless steel timepiece with a sunray bezel costs $1,250 USD. 

SevenFriday boasts a feature wherein you can change the strap of your timepiece with a press of two buttons. Prices for the SevenFriday Watches with Fast Strap Changers range from $1,135 USD to $1,250 USD.

SevenFriday's Milestones, Awards and Innovations

As a brand founded in the 21st Century, SevenFriday already had the knowledge and technology to create one-of-a-kind timepieces fit for its time. The various innovations in today’s era gave them an edge and helped them adapt to the frequently changing world.

In line with that, due to the stunning watches SevenFriday offers, counterfeit items began spreading online. With modern machinery, it’s fairly easy to make replicas of almost anything. Unfortunately, some are tricked into buying these counterfeit items that look exactly like the original ones but of course, with very poor quality.

SevenFriday made sure that not only do they provide the best standard, but also give their customers the comfort that what they are getting is authentic. Since SevenFriday watches are also available in different stores online, the brand decided to instal NFC chips in their products ,such as their watches and eyewear. NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is a technology wherein customers can verify the authenticity of the product through SevenFriday’s app. It is good to note that watches produced in 2016 are the only ones with NFC chips and are only applicable for android phones. All you have to do is to download their app, have the NFC reader and bluetooth turned on and place the case back in direct contact with the back side of your phone where the antenna is positioned. Once it is verified, register your item and it will give you one year extended warranty and exclusive offers. 

SevenFriday's Industrial Design Inspiration

SevenFriday might have raised some eyebrows in the watchmaking industry due to its unusual designs. However, the interesting and special features of their timepieces are what makes it highly desirable. The brand is known for its industrial look inspired by aviation, tools, automobile, sports, transportation, time periods and etc. Add to that the distinct and iconic SevenFriday square watches with rounded edges that gives it a more industrial look and feel. With this in mind, it gives its wearer a sense of connection with the watch. 

For example, if you are working in the airline industry, an aviation-inspired timepiece such as the T3/02 RUNWAY 07 watch from the SevenFriday T-Series priced at $1,190 USD will be your best bet. According to their website, it is inspired by the atmosphere of airports. They were able to incorporate airport signages on their interface such as arrows and an airplane logo on its 3 o'clock mark leaving you with the desire to travel. 

Furthermore, SevenFriday is big on featuring layered dials and discs to add depth and give more movement and a mechanical look to their watches. A great example of this would be the M3/01 SPACESHIP watch from the SevenFriday M-Series, which costs $1,100 USD. The description of this spaceship wings-inspired timepiece says that its “seven layers and eleven applied parts create a multi-level interface with three-dimentional effect”. The hours, minutes and seconds each have their own designated rotating discs that are noticeably different than the hands we see in regular watches. 

History of SevenFriday Watches

In 2012, Daniel Nierder, tired of the corporate life, started his own company with the goal of doing something he finally enjoys doing and is passionate about. He values the importance of having fun at work to get the creative juices flowing. 

With this, SevenFriday was born with the concept of living like it was always Friday. According to him it is not just a brand, it is a life attitude. Doing what you love and what makes you happy and living like there is no tomorrow. Nierder described it as a rebellious act to go against boundaries and challenge the industry. He wanted to think out of the box with his designs most especially since he did not have much when he started the company. Using the little amount of money he had, he used creativity to make a unique product that built him his own identity. 

Now with 90 countries selling SevenFriday, more and more people are starting to recognize the brand. And unlike other watches at that time, Nierder took advantage of social media. He grew his business using Instagram and fortunately he also had friends who did blogs on watches. With a verified account and over 317,000 followers on Instagram as of April 2021, it’s clear that the brand is continuously reaching success.

Five Reasons to Get a SevenFriday Watch

SevenFriday might not have a long and rich history unlike its more senior competitors, but the brand has proven itself worthy of being part of your collection and your everyday lives. Listed below are five reasons why you should own a SevenFriday watch.

1. Affordable Luxury - If you are someone who wants to own a luxury watch but does not want to break the bank with extremely expensive timepieces, SevenFriday is the one for you. Being tagged as an “affordable luxury”, the brand offers that sophisticated feel and quality that you get in other high-end watch labels with a fairly lower cost. Although it's a Swiss brand, one could not claim that their watches are Swiss-made like Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet. Instead, they use Japanese Miyota movements which are known worldwide for durability and high-impact resistance.

2. High-Regard For Service - In an interview with Man’s World India, Daniel Nierder mentioned that one of the reasons why SevenFriday grew exponentially in a short period of time was because of their high-regard for distribution and shipping globally as fast as they can. With their social media platforms, it is no wonder that the brand has gained attention in numerous countries thus the high-demand for its products. He wants his timepieces to be on the wrists of his customers as possible which actually helped him market his watches even more. 

3. Exclusivity. SevenFriday watches are not for everyone. It requires a sense of curiosity and the desire to be different, stepping away from the norm. Since the brand has such peculiar looking timepieces that look something out from a sci-fi movie, only certain types of individuals are drawn to it. Some might think it is a drawback but in reality it is actually an advantage if you want to be different from everyone else and it gives you a sense of exclusivity.

4. Collectibility -  The brand values design in the manufacturing process more than anything else. Nierder believes that design is such an overlooked element in watchmaking given that a handful of brands already have the same look. Aside from function and durability, people want to buy things that look good. Fortunately, SevenFriday watches are not just high-quality, but aesthetically pleasing as well making it a desirable brand to collect. 

5. Technology - SevenFriday is a brand that constantly pushes itself to be better and innovative. Aside from the complex features and NFC chips, the brand also came up with the Fast Strap Changer. With quick release pushers located on the left side of the case, you can easily change the straps of your timepieces to suit your mood and style. 

SevenFriday Watches: Eccentric and Luxurious

Tagged by watch retailers and enthusiasts as eccentric and luxurious, SevenFriday has the ability to compete in the watchmaking industry along with big and well-known brands. It has made a class and a name of its own due to its distinct industrial features that set it apart from the rest. It lives up to its motto “Show Me, Don’t Tell Me”. No need for an explanation, the mere wearing of the watch is enough to feel that adrenaline to live everyday like it is a Friday. 

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