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TAG Heuer: A Leader in Motorsports’ Timekeeping

If you’re a fan of motorsports like Formula 1 or Monaco Grand Prix, there is a watchmaker that you’ll always see in those events — TAG Heuer. The Swiss luxury brand has contributed to the world of motorsports in more ways than you can imagine. For one, they have provided them with accurate stopwatches for years, including the TAG Heuer Formula 1, the TAG Heuer Carrera, and the TAG Heuer Monaco

TAG Heuer’s catalog contains chronographs that can provide counters useful in a race. Its functionality coupled with supreme accuracy are why hundreds of race car drivers trust TAG Heuer.

How much do TAG Heuer watches cost?

If the question “how much is a TAG Heuer watch?” has been on your mind for a while, here is a table that shows an estimate for popular models.

ModelPrice (approximate)FeaturesMovementMaterials
TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph$5,550 USDChronographAutomaticStainless steel
TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre Heuer 02$6,750 USDChronographAutomaticStainless steel
TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 7 GMT$3,050 USDGMTAutomaticStainless steel
TAG Heuer Connected Modular 2020$2,150 USDHeart rate tracker, calorie counter, Wear OSDigitalTitanium
TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph$1,850 USDChronographQuartzStainless steel
Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf Special Edition$6,550 USDCOSC-certified, ChronographAutomaticStainless steel
TAG Heuer Link Automatic Blue $2,950 USDTime and dateAutomaticStainless steel


Prices for the TAG Heuer Carrera: A Car Racer’s Must-Have

It is impossible to read about motorsports without hearing about the TAG Heuer Carrera. Indeed, this watch is one of the most celebrated chronograph models used in motorsports. It was even named after “Carrera Panamericana”, which was the most challenging race in the 1950s.

Chronograph watches normally have sub-dials that make the dial look cluttered. This makes it hard for drivers to keep track of time while driving. With that said, Jack Heuer, the great-grandson of TAG Heuer’s founder, made it a point to create a chronograph watch that has a clean and legible dial — the TAG Heuer Carrera — whose simplicity and functionality became iconic to this day.

Today, the Carrera line has evolved into various branches. Some models retain the same minimalistic dial of the original version. An example is the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02 160 Years Anniversary Chronograph, which can be had for $5,950 USD. This special edition comes in different colours like blue, silver, or white. All things considered, this is the model to get if you’re after the vintage look.

Meanwhile, some models sport a more modern design like the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02 Skeleton. As its name suggests, this watch boasts a skeletonized dial so you can see the Calibre Heuer 02 movement inside. The Chronograph version costs $6,950 USD, but if you want something more complicated, a model with an additional GMT complication costs around $6,400 USD. 

One of the most expensive models in the collection is the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Nanograph, which retails at $25,500 USD (discounted price is about $21,500 USD). Meanwhile, the collections’ cheapest models include the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 Automatic, which only costs about $2,550 USD (discounted price at $1,889 USD), and the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16, which you can have for only $3,399 USD. 

Prices for the TAG Heuer Aquaracer: A Cutting-Edge Dive Watch

Many TAG Heuer watches for men are geared towards motorsports. But instead, this collection was made for water sports such as diving. Behold the TAG Heuer Aquaracer, a professional-model dive watch. This timepiece is known for its water resistance rating of 300m (984ft). Moreover, its unidirectional bezel boasts an ergonomic design that allows divers to easily adjust it when wearing gloves.

The Aquaracer is available in various sizes, movements, and materials. For one, the Aquaracer Calibre 5 Automatic is for enthusiasts. It contains TAG Heuer’s Calibre 5 which features a power reserve of 38 hours and rapid date correction. Most importantly, it is chronometer-certified by the COSC. This watch will set you back for around $2,700 USD.

If you’re not too keen on having a mechanical watch, you can save a few bucks by going for the quartz model. The Aquaracer Quartz Blue, for instance, is just as reliable as its mechanical counterpart with its 300m (984ft) water resistance and unidirectional bezel. This model is one of the cheapest TAG Heuer models with only a $1,650 USD price tag. Furthermore, a ladies’ version is also available at $1,700 USD. The only difference is its small size of 35mm.

For more bling, the Aquaracer collection also features jewelry-studded models. For example, a 35mm quartz watch for ladies with diamonds all around its bezel and a 300m water resistance can be had for $3,500 USD.

Prices for the TAG Heuer Formula 1: The Modern Chronograph

Another TAG Heuer motorsports watch that should be on your radar is the TAG Heuer Formula 1. Like the Carrera, it was named after one of the most popular international motorsport races in the world. The difference is that this one has a more sporty and modern look than its sibling. Another fun fact to know is that the collection was inspired by Swatch models, which is why the first Formula 1 collection released had a quartz movement and was available in bright coloured cases.

Now, Formula 1 watches come in various sporty and elegant designs. Customers also have more options when it comes to movement. One example is the Formula 1 Automatic Chronograph Special Edition, which is powered by the Calibre Heuer 02. This in-house movement provides a chronograph function and around 80 hours of power reserve. With that said, this makes it more expensive than the other models at $14,899 USD.

Those who want to save up a few thousand bucks can opt for the Formula 1 Chronograph Quartz, which costs a fraction of the automatic version. Staying true to its namesake, it comes in a racing-inspired black and yellow colour scheme with a carbon fiber pattern as its background. It also has a tachymeter bezel to help with your timing needs. With all its features, this watch has a tempting price tag of only $1,850 USD.

Lastly, the Formula 1 collection also contains less complicated models with only the time and date. A good example is the Formula 1 Automatic Black. Despite lacking a chronograph function, this model is still useful in the racing track. It has a unidirectional turning bezel and a Calibre 5 movement that can provide professional-level timekeeping. This watch will set you back for only $1,750 USD.

Prices for the TAG Heuer Monaco: The Brand’s First Automatic Chronograph

In 1969, TAG Heuer achieved a milestone by releasing the first automatic chronograph called the TAG Heuer Monaco. Apart from that, the watch was also revolutionary for sporting a square case instead of the traditional round. Many people, including Hollywood star Steve McQueen, were enamoured by its design which is why it became more popular.

One of the classic models you can get is the Monaco Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic. In fact, it was inspired by the vintage TAG Heuer watches from the early 1970s. It has the classic two sub-dials and the shimmering blue dial that fans will easily recognize. Under the hood, it runs on the Heuer 02 movement, which can provide up to 80 hours of power reserve. If you’ve fallen in love with it, this timeless beauty costs $6,350 USD.

For a more colourful choice, the Monaco Calibre 11 Gulf Special Edition is a treat to the eyes. Staying true to its name and colour scheme, it is a tribute to the Gulf racing team. Beyond the colourway, it has the signature look of the Monaco — from the 39mm case up to the dual counters at 3 and 9 o’clock. It also uses the Calibre 11, which is COSC-certified and has a power reserve of up to 40 hours. When it comes to price, it will set you back for about $6,550 USD.

If you’re not a fan of the classic look, a modern version is available. The TAG Heuer Monaco Quartz comes with an iridescent black dial that looks more elegant than sporty. Together with its black leather strap, this model can pass as a dress watch. Despite its classy exterior, it can still deliver top-notch precision needed for motorsports, thanks to its quartz movement. This watch is available for only $2,150 USD.

Prices for the TAG Heuer Heritage: Vintage-Inspired Modern Watches

The TAG Heuer Heritage collection pays tribute to the vintage TAG Heuer watches of the past. Instead of modern designs like the skeleton layout, this collection gives a more classic styling. Watches in this lineup even bear the old Heuer logo instead of the new one. This adds to the retro vibe of the watch.

One of the models in question is the TAG Heuer Heritage Calibre Heuer 02 Automatic Chronograph. With a price just north of $5,000 USD, this timekeeper offers a lot of value for its price. This model contains a chronograph that’s powered by the Heuer 02 Calibre. This movement offers top-notch performance with a frequency of 28,800 vph and around 80 hours of power reserve.

When it comes to aesthetics, customers have a few choices. The cheapest TAG Heuer Heritage costs only $5,300 USD and has a black dial with brown leather strap. But if you want the same black dial with a metal bracelet, you only have to pay a bumped up price of $5,450 USD. Lastly, a “Panda” colourway with a metal bracelet is also available for $6,050 USD.

Prices for the TAG Heuer Link:  Sporty Yet Elegant

After TAG acquired the Heuer watch company during the 1980s, the new management introduced the S/El, which is short for “Sport Elegance”. This new generation of watches embody six sporty features, including 200m (656ft) water resistance, screw-down crown, sapphire crystal, unidirectional bezel, lume, and double safety-clasp bracelets. In short, these watches are made for various sports.

One unique feature of this collection is the double “S”-shaped bracelet links. Each link is composed of two curved steel ingots that are integrated with the case. These were designed to be comfortable on the wrist. This became very popular that in 1999, the company decided to re-release this collection. Only now, they renamed it TAG Heuer Link after its recognizable bracelet.

The collection consists of various TAG Heuer watches for men as well as for ladies. One of the cheapest is the TAG Heuer Link Automatic Blue which uses the Calibre 5. It provides around 38 hours of power reserve and sports a dial with a sunray finish. This time-only watch costs only $2,950 USD.

A more complicated chronograph version is also available for $4,500 USD. This model uses a Calibre 17 movement that provides a longer power reserve of 42 hours. It beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph and features three chronograph counters for the minutes, hours, and central seconds.

Prices for the TAG Heuer Connected Modular: The Sporty Smartwatch 

While the brand excels in making traditional mechanical timepieces, they also make great smartwatches that can handle an active lifestyle. A good example is the TAG Heuer Connected Modular, which has been tried and tested by athletes. From running to golf, the Connected Modular collection can provide accurate timing and durability.

Inside, these watches are powered by Wear OS which was made by Intel. This operating system allows you to use various sports applications to measure your performance. Among its other functions include a heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and weather forecast. Moreover, this watch can be connected to your smartphone so you can view your calendar, emails, and SMS on your wrist.

The 2020 version of the Connected Modular comes with a titanium sandblasted case. Meanwhile, its sapphire crystal is scratch-resistant. These high-tech materials will make sure your watch stays in one piece even in harsh environments. When it comes to design, users can choose among a collection of dials that are inspired by their chronograph models. For only $2,099 USD, you can get a watch that is durable and versatile at the same time.

For more specific needs, a Golf Edition is also available for only $2,519 USD. This model contains the exclusive TAG Heuer Golf application that lets you track your performance on thousands of golf courses around the world. In addition, it comes in a white and green colourway to mimic the golf ball and course. This watch will definitely make heads turn while you’re swinging your driver.

Prices for the TAG Heuer Autavia: A Watch for Both Aviation and Motorsports

When the TAG Heuer Autavia was released in 1933, it became the first dashboard timer for various vehicles like automobiles, planes, and zeppelins. It is the bridge between aviation and motorsports as this watch is applicable for both fields. In fact, its name was derived from the words “automobile” and “aviation”.

If you take a quick look at the lineup of Autavia watches, you’ll notice that their overall look is the same. The Autavia can be easily recognized for its rotating bezel and snailed counters. Furthermore, these watches all have excellent legibility with its Arabic hour markers and contrasting backgrounds. The difference lies in the included bracelet, case material, and dial colour.

One of the most popular colourways is the Autavia Calibre 5 Chronometer Green. It has a bronze and green colour scheme that is in trend nowadays. This watch gives off an explorer vibe that many people will love. When it comes to performance, you’d be happy to know that it comes with TAG Heuer’s reliable Calibre 5. It’s also made with durable materials that will make it last for years or even decades. If you’re interested in buying this, it comes with a price tag of $3,850 USD.

Another colourway you should look out for is the smokey black dial. Like the previous model, this version comes with the Calibre 5 automatic movement, which has a frequency of 28,800 vph and a power reserve of 38 hours. It also comes with a leather band that blends in well with the whole face of the watch. This model comes at a cheaper price of $3,100 USD. 

In 2017, TAG Heuer introduced a special-edition Autavia to commemorate Jack Heuer's 85th birthday. The model is limited to 1,932 pieces to mark the year Heuer was born, 1932. For less than $5,000 USD, you can get your hands on this limited-edition watch.

TAG Heuer’s Milestones and Achievements

Oscillating Pinion

On May 3, 1887, Edouard Heuer was granted a patent for the Oscillating Pinion. This piece of technology aims to make chronographs technically simpler and cheaper without compromising reliability and accuracy. Apart from that, it allows chronographs to start and stop instantly with only a push of a button.

Simply put, one pinion is engaged with the seconds wheel while the other engages with the chronograph wheel when the chronograph is switched on. This allows for extremely accurate timekeeping. In particular, it provides an accuracy of 2/1000th of a second.

Today, many watchmakers still use this technology to make chronograph watches. In fact, popular movements, including the beloved ETA 7750 make use of it. Edouard Heuer even calls this invention “the perfected chronograph” and I’m sure a lot of fans will agree.

First Swiss Watch in Space

When thinking of watches that reached outer space, only few mention TAG Heuer. Many people know that the first watch to reach the moon was the Omega Speedmaster. However, Omega wasn’t the first Swiss watch to leave the Earth. Truth is, that title belongs to a TAG Heuer timepiece.

In the 1960s, former US President JFK wanted to send a man to the moon. But before he could achieve that, he first had to put a man into orbit. So on February 20, 1962, an astronaut named John Glenn went on the Mercury “Friendship 7” mission. He orbited the Earth three times while wearing a Heuer 2915A stopwatch on the wrist. During the mission, the watch timed his 4 hour, 56 minute flight.

Apart from that, another Heuer stopwatch timed the descent of The Eagle on the moon. So you can say that TAG Heuer is a reliable choice when it comes to making space watches. Now, both watches can be seen in the Smithsonian Museum.

Automobile-inspired Movement

As mentioned above, the Monaco watch was a successful chronograph. However, the brand still wanted to improve on it. So in Baselworld 2004, they launched the Monaco V4 concept watch, which bears a different kind of mechanical calibre. Instead of the traditional pinions, the Monaco V4 uses drive belts to power its movement. This design was inspired by a car’s engine to stay true to their motoring roots.

This feat was never done before and like any other groundbreaking inventions, the Monaco V4 took years to refine. In fact, a lot of fans thought that the team would never perfect it. But the team proved them wrong and the finished Monaco V4 is a testament to the greatness of TAG Heuer’s watchmaking capabilities.

In 2009, TAG Heuer sold the Monaco V4 at an Only Watch charity auction, which was held in Monaco. Whether or not the place was only a coincidence is anyone’s guess. Ever since the auction, a few limited-edition models of the Monaco V4 were sold.

Mikrograph, Mikrotimer, and Mikrogirder

In 1916, Charles-Auguste Heuer released the original Mikrograph. It was a major breakthrough for the company because it was the first mechanical stopwatch that could measure 1/100th of a second. This new piece of technology uses two balance wheels that beat at 28,800 vph and 360,000 vph, respectively. To emphasize how fast that is, the latter wheel beats 10 times faster than the “fast” chronographs in the market. The Mikrograph became the official stopwatch for the 1920 Olympics.

Improving on the Mikrograph, TAG Heuer released the Mikrotimer. This time, it was the world’s first Swiss timepiece that could measure 1/1000th of a second. That’s 10 times faster than the Mikrograph! This means that TAG Heuer can find out who won a car race even if the winner was ahead by only a few centimetres.

TAG Heuer’s dedication to accuracy did not stop with the Mikrotimer. A few years after the Mikrotimer was released, they launched the Mikrogirder that can time up to 1/2000th of a second. That’s twice more accurate than its predecessor. The Mikrogirder proves how advanced TAG Heuer’s watchmaking skills are.

TAG Heuer and Car Racing

The name TAG Heuer has been synonymous with motorsports. Indeed, the brand has been present in car races since the 1960s when their stopwatches became an essential tool for race teams. From 1971 up to 1979, Heuer became the official timekeeper for Formula 1 races where almost all drivers had the Heuer logo on their overalls.

Now, the company continues to support various racing teams. One of them is the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, which TAG Heuer acts as an official watch and team performance partner as well as official timekeeper. Furthermore, they are also the partner of the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) and Formula E.

History of TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer has been making precision watches since 1860. It started when 14-year-old Edouard Heuer became an apprentice to a watchmaker. It started his passion for creating watches. Years later, he established his own watch company called Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG in St-Imier, Switzerland at the age of 20. 

At first, he produced pocket watches mostly made in silver. But in 1869, he had his first breakthrough by obtaining his first patent of a crown-operated, keyless winding system. This was the first of many inventions that followed suit, with each one contributing to the watchmaking industry. With that, the company started growing until they expanded in America in 1910 with  Henri Freund & Bros as their exclusive distributor.

The Heuer company continued to gain popularity over the years. However, the Quartz Crisis came and the company was sold to Piaget in 1982. Then in 1985, the company was bought again by a business group called TAG (Techniques d’Avant Garde) owned by Akram Ojjeh. Ojjeh wanted to see the TAG initials on a Swiss product so once the takeover was completed, they formally changed the company’s name to TAG Heuer. This is the reason why vintage TAG Heuer watches bear the Heuer logo while the modern ones sport the red-and-green TAG Heuer logo.

Despite being run by different people, TAG Heuer continues to create worthwhile timepieces that use cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s the TAG Heuer Connected Modular smartwatch or the TAG Heuer Formula 1 and the TAG Heuer Carrera chronographs, these watches continue to amaze members of the watch community.

Famous People and TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer watches for men aren’t known to be presidential watches. However, that doesn’t stop former US President Barack Obama from wearing his trusty TAG Heuer Series 1500 dive watch. Despite being a sports watch, this timepiece has a touch of elegance that perfectly matches Obama’s suits. This watch was his daily driver for years.

Tesla’s CEO and product architect Elon Musk was seen wearing a TAG Heuer a lot of times. The watch in question is the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX Chronograph. According to reports, the watch was released in a limited-edition run in 2012 and was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Swiss watch to reach outer space. According to him, he wears this beauty not as a status symbol but for its practical features.

While Steve McQueen is often associated with other brands, he is also known to be an owner of a TAG Heuer timepiece. In particular, his TAG Heuer Monaco was seen in the 1971 film Le Mans. It became so popular that it sold at Phillips New York for $2,208,000 USD.

TAG Heuer also shines in the tennis world. Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova was an ambassador to the brand and she is known for owning various TAG Heuer models like the Formula 1 Steel with Diamonds and Aquaracer in 18k Rose Gold. Reports even say that the athlete helped design the new TAG Heuer Formula 1 ceramic watches.

An Accurate Timekeeper on Your Wrist

With over 160 years of watch heritage, TAG Heuer has been one of the world’s manufacturers of chronographs, measuring time up to 1/2000th of a second. Whether you’re a fan of motosports or simply a true watch enthusiast, you know what a TAG Heuer watch is all about: performance, avant-garde technology, prestige, and accuracy. 

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TAG Heuer is another strong Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. The company has been around since 1860 and while they produce more than just watches, watches are their more well known items. More specifically, the company has a rich history with the racing world so it’s no surprise that our top picks would include the Carrera, Monaco, Aquaracer and Formula 1 collections.
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