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Bell & Ross: Watchmaking Meets Aviation

Bell & Ross is a brand that is best known for producing watches that are professional-grade. Their timepieces take inspiration from aviation and military, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality. Apart from its aesthetics, the Swiss watch brand goes the extra mile to ensure that its timepieces are both visually pleasing and can carry out their technical purpose. 

From the casual and modern aesthetics of Bell & Ross Instruments to the timeless designs of Bell & Ross Vintage watches, the brand continues to impress its clientele by creating elegant and sophisticated pieces that can withstand extreme situations.

How Much is a Bell & Ross Watch?

Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-94 Heritage Men's Watch$3,109 USD41mm 
  • Stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, 100m water resistance, luminous-filled hour and minute hands, Superluminova indexes
Bell & Ross Instruments BR S Ladies’ Watch$1,829 USD39mm
  • Stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, 100M water resistance, pink sunray, metal appliqués hour circle
Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-94 Racing Bird Men's Watch$3,769 USD41mm
  • Stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, 100M water resistance, Luminous filled hour and minute hands, tachymeter scale
Bell & Ross Instruments BR 03 92 Phantom Ceramic Men's Watch$2,829 USD42mm
  • Ceramic case, sapphire crystal, 100M water resistance, ETA automatic movement, analog dial
Bell & Ross Instruments BR 03-92 Diver Men's Watch$2,679 USD42mm
  • Stainless steel, sapphire crystal, 300M water resistance, date, luminous hour markers, and hands
Bell & Ross Instruments BR 03 92 Steel Men's Watch$2,599 USD42mm
  • Stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, 100m water resistance, analog dial
Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-94 Aeronavale Automatic Men's Watch$4,799 USD41mm
  • Bronze case, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, 100m water resistance, index hour markers, luminous hour and minute hands
Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2-94 Garde-Cotes Men's Watch$3,299 USD41mm
  • Stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, 100m water resistance, 2 subdials, orange chronograph hands
Bell & Ross Instruments BR 03 93 GMT Men's Watch$2,819 USD42mm
  • Satin-finished polished steel, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating, 24-hour feature, engraved bezel
Vintage BR V2-94 Military Beige Men's Watch$3,569 USD41mm
  • Stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, 100m water resistance, 30-minute timer, luminous hour and minute hands


Bell & Ross' Watch Collections

Bell & Ross watches are known to be eye-catching and edgy. The watches come in different designs and sizes, which make them suited for both men and women. Bell & Ross timepieces are unique and if you're a fan of vintage, the brand has more than enough options for you. 

Their biggest collection to date is the Instruments Collection. The collection arguably has the biggest range, comprising both the most expensive Bell & Ross watches and the cheapest watches.

Prices for the Bell & Ross Instruments: An Everyday Tool Watch

The Bell & Ross Instruments is one of the brand’s most popular collections to date. Inspired by the devices in an aircraft's cockpit, the collection features the brand's iconic square-shaped watch faces. The collection is fittingly named "Instruments" as the company sees watches as instruments that help its wearer throughout the day. The collection's iconic design dates back to the ‘70s and represents a style that is modern and striking. This collection is ideal for everyone, from the urban explorer to those who lean more towards extreme explorations. 

To date, the Instruments collection is also one of the biggest that the brand has. At present, there are five models in the collection — the most recent one being the Bell & Ross Intruments BR 05 model. The BR 05 comes in two variations, the 42mm and the 40mm variants. Both are great for everyday use and both still carry the company standard of withstanding most extreme conditions. There are 20 different variants of the BR 05 model that are currently available. Watches under this model can range from $3,359 USD to $7,039 USD, depending on the variant that you want to purchase.

The Bell & Ross Instruments BR 03-92 Diver, on the other hand, is another model under the Instruments collection. As the name implies, this line is best suited for divers. However, that isn’t to say that it can’t be used by other professions. The diving collection is home to eight different models and is known by the luminosity that it possesses and the depth of its water resistance. The timepieces from the BR 03-92 Diver line start at around $2,959 USD.

The BR S model is the line in the Instruments Collection that carries their more casual watches. Like the BR05 line, this line is great for everyday and professional use because of its sleek design. It has around 23 different models and is one of the smallest timepieces available at Bell & Ross at 39mm. This model also houses the BR-S 92 line which has the Bell & Ross automatic watches. The price for this model starts at $1,639 USD, making it one of the cheapest Bell & Ross watches available. 

The BR 03 models is the largest line in the collection with 30 different variants. The line carries with it the sophisticated nature of the brand and its noteworthy technicalities making it versatile to be used by most professions. Moreover, the BR03 model has a line of Bell & Ross chronograph watches, making it the ideal watch for those who are always on the go. The timepieces under this line start at $2,409 USD.

Finally, the BR 01 line is the model with the most unique design. It combines inspiration from the military with Swiss watchmaking, innovative technology, and vintage appeal to create a powerful line with special functions such as elevation tracking and a permanent calendar. Because of its rarity, models under the BR 01 line can be hard to find and are often expensive. Watches from this line start at around $3,419 USD.

Prices for the Bell & Ross Vintage: Sophisticated, Timeless Classics 

A Vintage Bell & Ross watch is a timeless piece that heavily takes inspiration from the military. The Bell & Ross Vintage showcases a collection of updated versions of aviation watches that were widely used in the 1960s. The collection offers three types of watches, each with its distinct charm. The first type features a classic dial with no bezel. The second type has a more well-rounded design that is bigger with a bezel and, finally, the third type has a more sophisticated look than the other two types. Each type still comes with the functionality and reliability that the brand is known for regardless of its design. 

The BR V3 range is one of their latest releases. It is the largest in the collection at 42mm. The timepieces in this range pay respects to their military inspiration with a design that is inspired by military codes. Moreover, the Bell & Ross chronograph is also featured with the range. The BR V3 range also houses the Bell & Ross Instruments BR V3-94 R.S.19 and R.S. 20 models that are vintage watches that draw inspiration from F1 racing, which makes it stand out from its military-inspired counterpart in the same range. Watch prices for the BR V3-94 range start at around $3,299 USD.

The BR V2 range is the largest in the Bell & Ross Vintage collection with 21 different models. The collection houses a variety of Bell & Ross automatic watches and pays homage to the brand's military inspiration. The watches under this range are very eye-catching to fans of vintage watches who love the vibe and the feel of the watch. The BR V2 range's price starts at around $2,079 USD.

Lastly, the BR V1 sports a more simple look than its successors. Still maintaining the vintage theme concerning its military inspiration, the BR V1 range is a definite must-have for fans of vintage watches as they are the ones who look most the part. They are also the smallest watches in the collection at 38.5mm. Prices for the BR V1 range start at around $1,659 USD. Depending on the model that you want, the BR V1 range houses some of the cheapest Bell & Ross watches and the most expensive ones as well.

Prices for the Bell & Ross Aviation: Homage to Military

Bell & Ross takes most of their inspiration from aviation and military history. The Bell & Ross Aviation collection further establishes the brand's connection with its inspiration by putting aeronautical instruments as the main source of inspiration for the collection. Like the brand's other collections, the Bell & Ross Aviation collection gives a nod to the timepieces that have been used by the military throughout history. 

It draws inspiration from timekeepers that were used in the land, air, and sea in military history. It also draws inspiration from the First and Second World Wars by taking the artistry of pocket watches and flight instruments with special functions.

The timepieces in this collection are suited for professional use, especially for pilots. However, the collection can still be used for formal and casual occasions. Prices for the timepieces in the collection start at around $4,129 USD.

Prices for the Bell & Ross Experimental: Precision at Its Finest 

The Bell & Ross Experimental collection veers away slightly from the brand’s signature design. The collection showcases a more modern look that has a couple of vintage touches. Reliability and precision are the principles that take the reigns in this collection as each timepiece is made with strict quality controls so that each piece can live up to the brand standard of being able to withstand extreme conditions. 

Watches from the Bell & Ross Experimental collection are eye-catching. These watches were made to make a statement and that is apparent in the design. These watches are unique from the other Bell & Ross watches and are made for those who dare to make a bold statement.

Timepieces from this collection start at $18,600 USD. This collection houses some of the most expensive Bell & Ross watches to date. 

Bell & Ross: Milestones and Innovations

Apart from being the benchmark in aviation watches, Bell & Ross has a couple of milestones and innovations up their sleeve which helped to cement their name in the industry as one of the best. 

Arguably, their first milestone came when they were able to send the Bell & Ross Space 1 to orbit, making it the first automatic chronograph to be sent to space. After that, they were able to supply the Bell & Ross Type Demineur to the French Security Services. Afterward, Bell & Ross was able to put their names on the Guinness Book of Records in 1997 with the Hydro Challenger. The watch held the world record for water resistance at 11,000 meters. 

However, their biggest milestone would have to be the creation of the BR 01 watch from the Bell & Ross Instruments collection, which became a cornerstone in the industry. The watch is simple enough but was able to bring the functionality of military elements to the wrist. 

Apart from that, Belle & Ross has also released a couple of other watches that have become a part of the brand’s most noteworthy innovations. Such a watch is the BR-X1 Tourbillon which is hailed as a high-tech tourbillon and the Vintage 123 Heure Sautante which has a power reserve indicator.

It is very much apparent that Bell & Ross not only focuses on the aesthetic aspect of their timepieces but also the mechanical aspect of it as well. 

Bell & Ross’ History with the Military

As mentioned, Bell & Ross takes huge inspiration from military history. The brand wanted to create something that would be durable under extreme circumstances. Their idea was to create something that can be used in a variety of ways on the field. For their first venture into the industry, the brand worked with a German company called Sinn Spezialuhren, which is known for tool watches. Together, they released the first Bell & Ross watches under the tag "Bell & Ross by Sinn".

Bell & Ross Space 1, one of their first pieces manufactured with Sinn, made history in 1994 by becoming the first automatic chronograph to make it into orbit. Since then, the brand continues to grow and expand its capabilities. 

Bell & Ross by Sinn created seven chronographs and extreme dive watches. The chronographs drew inspiration from the military and the watches could withstand up to 11,000m of water resistance. Later on, Bell & Ross went on to design its watches. The Type Demineur was designed by the brand and manufactured by Sinn. This timepiece was used by the bomb disposal unit of the French Security Services. 

The brand has since ended its collaboration with Sinn but has continued to manufacture and create timepieces that exceed the expectations of many. Apart from the French Security Services, Bell & Ross has also worked with the French Air Force, The Lafayette Escadrille, and has become the official supplier of the Space Lab Mission. 

Bell & Ross Watches for Extreme Professions

Bell & Ross believes that a watch must not only assist professionals in their line of work but must also be an ally to them. Hence, Bell & Ross worked with divers, pilots, astronauts, and even bomb disposal experts to analyze the extreme events that they underwent to create their timepieces. With these situations in mind, the brand aspired to create watches that can resist pressure, withstand extreme temperatures, and undergo accelerations without the risk of damage. 

The brand worked with experts to create a utilitarian watch that will meet the expectation of its users. The brand worked with master watchmakers, designers, professionals, and engineers to create a watch that won't be compromised by anything superfluous. Each watch is masterfully made to show watch-making expertise while passing through professional requirements. Each timepiece must be reliable, resilient, and are made to perform well as they are essential timekeeping instruments. 

With these extreme professions in mind, Bell & Ross curated watches that meet the highest standards and perform at their best to serve the professionals that wear them. 

Four Design Principles of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross watches bring together function and design to create an ideal timepiece. The brand follows four design principles to make sure that every detail of the watch serves its purpose and so that each watch carries with it the timeless elegance of Bell & Ross. Watches from the brand must meet the four design principles of legibility, functionality, precision, and reliability for it to be an ideal watch. 

An essential element of a Bell & Ross watch is its legibility. Sometimes referred to as "readability", the legibility is what allows patrons to read the time even if you're in the depths of the ocean. Most Bell & Ross automatic and Bell & Ross chronograph pieces are designed with luminescent material, which allows for better viewing even in the dark. Working closely with legibility is functionality, the second design principle. This allows for the watches to be water-resistant and withstand extreme pressure. Most watches from the brand are equipped with additional functions to make sure that they can be used throughout different professions.

Precision is one of the four principles that focus on the build of the watch. Bell & Ross’ master watchmakers make sure that each piece part of the watch is working properly. Lastly, reliability comes into play with the variety of watches that the brand has. With their variety and number of designs, there will surely be something for everyone at Bell & Ross. 

History of Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross has made its mark in the watch industry as a go-to brand for professional watches. The French brand is best known for creating watches for those with extreme professions and it has done well to release watches that are companions to professionals in general. Despite being a relatively young brand, Bell & Ross has set the standard for aviation watches and has become the benchmark for professional aviation watches. 

The brand was founded in 1992 by Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo. The duo drew inspiration from the history of aviation, military specifications, and the technological advances that come with it. That said, the duo was able to establish a brand that is not only great visuals but also has high performing qualities. Bell & Ross wanted to create watches that can serve as a constant toll and ally to the professionals with extreme professions. Bell & Ross persevered to create timepieces that can withstand even the most dangerous pressures, extreme temperature, and violent accelerations among others. With the help of professionals, they were able to develop timepieces with optimal functionality. 

Since then, the brand has established a reputation that rides on functionality, precision, legibility, and water resistance. Bell & Ross created their timepieces to represent utility and simplicity. Along with the expertise of Haute Horlogerie, Bell & Ross has become a standard in the industry for aviation watches and watches for extreme professions.

Celebrities Wearing Bell & Ross Watches

Bell & Ross is no stranger to the limelight. Its aesthetics and its technicalities have paved a path for the watches to be known by professionals and celebrities alike. Apart from their many milestones, they have also been spotted on the wrists of many famous stars.

Terry Crews, known for his work in the hit TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and White Chicks, has been spotted sporting the BR01. Similarly, Jensen Ackles, another American actor from series' such as Smallville and Supernatural, was also seen wearing the BR01.

Joel McHale, most known for his roles in Tiger King and Community has also been spotted wearing the brand. McHale was seen wearing the BR 01-94 Chronograph in the first few seasons of the show Community. He was also spotted wearing the BR 01-92 and the BR 03-92 Military on a few occasions as well.

Arguably, the most notable celebrity to be spotted with a Bell & Ross watch is Tom Hanks. He was seen wearing the BR 03-92 Military from the Bell & Ross Instruments collection. Hanks wore the watch with a suit which further adds to the aesthetic of the watch. It goes to show that their watches can be worn on any occasion and by people of all professions.

Bell & Ross: Setting the Standards for Passion and Innovation

Bell & Ross has, indeed, made its mark in the industry as one of the best aviation watch brands. Not only is it loved by professionals but also by many watch enthusiasts who admire the brand for their passion and drive towards creating watches that are equally aesthetic and functional. Despite its professional use, Bell & Ross still makes sure that the watches are usable for most occasions and can still be a stylish accent piece. 

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