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Tissot: A Competitive Swiss Brand

With innovations left and right, Tissot is one of the more competitive yet affordable Swiss manufactures today. The brand continues to excel in precision timekeeping, priding itself as the official timekeeper of various professional sports events like the NBA. Since its foundation in 1853, Tissot has been offering various watchmaking innovations that changed the industry for good. 

From classic men’s watches such as the Tissot T-Classic and Tissot Heritage to ladies’ favorites including the Tissot T-Lady collection, the brand continues to impress patrons with its stylish and dependable designs. 

How much do Tissot watches cost?

The cheapest Tissot watches are more accessible than you’d think. Tissot watches come in various movements that give more options to explore. For instance, Tissot automatic watches are more common. However, there’s a wide range of designs to choose from. On the other hand, quartz watches from Tissot also come in a generous range of designs. Manual-wound Tissot watches usually come in pocket watches or specialized watches. 

Here are the top 10 most expensive and cheapest Tissot watches worth checking out now.

ModelPrice (approximate)Movement TypeFeatures
Tissot Heritage $ 6,000 USDAutomaticChronometer, Multiple time zones
Tissot T-Sport $ 2,500 USDAutomaticChronograph
Tissot T-Gold$ 2,200 USDAutomaticMother-of-pearl dial
Tissot T-Touch $ 900 USDQuartzTactile solar, compass, altimeter
Tissot T-Lady $ 800 USDQuartzTime only
Tissot T-Race Touch0$400 USDQuartzChronograph, compass
Tissot T-Sport $340 USDQuartzChronograph
Tissot T-Classic $270 USDQuartzTime only
Tissot T-Trend $220 USDQuartzTime and date


Prices for the Tissot T-Classic: Timeless Elegance 

The Tissot T-Classic is the representative of Tissot watches for men. It comes with more than 20 models. Each of these models also has various iterations of its own. The PR 100 and Couturier remain two of the most popular designs with about 50 versions each. As expected, the T-Classic doesn’t stray away from the conservative watch designs. Despite that, however, they make fine dress watches or everyday companions for timekeeping. The collection offers quartz, hand-wound, and automatic movements. All of which come at various price points for a more accessible choice. 

So how much is a Tissot T-Classic watch? This collection has a wide price range. The cheapest Tissot watch from this collection is the Everytime series with a quartz movement at $210 USD for a brand new model. For the ladies, the Classic Dream Lady also comes at an affordable price of $225 USD for an all-new watch. If you’d like to splurge, the Tissot T-My Lady in 18K gold powered by an automatic movement comes up at around $2,300 USD MSRP. Meanwhile, the Chemin des Tourelles with a mechanical movement costs about $2,200 USD for a brand new watch. 

Prices for the Tissot T-Pocket: A Gentleman’s Watch 

As an industry pioneer, Tissot continues to prove that pocket watches are not just a thing of the past. With that, the brand continues to manufacture high-quality pocket watches to this day. The Tissot T-Pocket collection has about 10 different models, with each model available in numerous varieties. Most of the collection offers manual or hand-wound movements. The movement, an ETA 6498 is a classic, developed by Unitas around the 1950s. However, they also come with quartz movements resulting in more affordable pocket watches. Tissot continues to innovate so much so that even its modern collections have pocket watch iterations. For instance, the Tissot T- Touch also has a pocket watch available. This timepiece is perfect for timekeeping in sports. You’ll find more classic looks in Tissot’s catalog but a modern touch shouldn’t hurt either. 

The prices of the Tissot T-Pocket watches depend on the movement, which can either be hand-wound or quartz. For $1,250 USD, you can get a brand new T-Pocket Bridgeport pocket watch with a skeletonized design. This is one of the most expensive models in the market. The great news is that the T-Pocket collection also comes at affordable prices with quartz movements. Such is the case of the Tissot Lepine watch — you get a simple pocket watch at around $260 USD for a brand new model. The collection could cost a few bucks less for pre-owned watches. 

Prices for the Tissot T-Touch: A Sophisticated Smartwatch 

The Tissot T- Touch is one of the most groundbreaking designs in the industry. With the advent of new technology, Tissot made sure to keep up with the times. To do that, they released this collection with great timekeeping functions in 1999. As its name suggests, you can control the watch through its touch screen display. Since its launch, the T-Touch saw many improvements. For instance, in 2014, Tissot launched the T-Touch Expert Solar series. The solar-powered watches proved Tissot’s dedication to innovation. The series is perfect for the outdoorsman, boasting a variety of features that include a barometer, altimeter, a chronograph stopwatch, as well as an alarm. Sailors also get to enjoy this watch with the regatta timer that counts down to the start of a race. It then turns to a racing chronograph that is useful for sailing purposes. Not to mention, it also comes with a handy compass. 

Another wonderful feature of the watch is its smart integration of both analog and digital displays. The analog display shows the hours and minutes while everything else is digital. This collection also met with constant improvement in construction, such as the new titanium case. Not only is it extremely robust but it’s also 40% lighter than stainless steel. It also features a hypoallergenic case perfect for people with stainless steel allergies. 

Due to its advanced design and mechanism, it’s not surprising that it’s on the more expensive side of the scale. The Tissot T-Touch watches can cost about $800 USD to a few bucks more than $1,000 USD. 

Prices for the Tissot T-Gold: All About Affordable Luxury  

As its name suggests, the Tissot T-Gold collection houses the brand’s most expensive watches. The Tissot Excellence in 18K Gold doesn’t only come in an expensive material, it also has the “Côtes de Genève” motif that is an art in itself. On top of that, it also powers through with an ETA 2892-A2 automatic movement. Meanwhile, the Bridgeport Automatic in 18K gold works with the Valjoux 7750 from ETA. Any collector would recognize this movement as one of the most iconic calibers ever. 

The T-Gold series also comes with great women’s watches, such as the Pretty, Organdy, Caliente, and Glamorous. Tissot surely came a long way from producing its first women’s watch in 1911. Other T-Gold women’s watches also come with diamond studs for an ever grander look and feel. 

So, how much exactly are Tissot T-Gold watches? With the material of the T-Gold watches, it only makes sense that they’re pricey than other models. However, compared to other brands, these gold watches are still considered more affordable. The price ranges from $1,300 USD to $3,200 USD for brand new watches. Its price also continues to appreciate given the gold material, as well as the timeless designs of its watches. Indeed, they’re true investments in the form of a functional accessory. 

Prices for the Tissot T-Sport: A Diverse Sports Watch 

The Tissot T-Sport collection comes with robust features that are perfect for active people. Some of the features you can find on the watch include a tachymetric scale and chronograph functions. Inspired by 1960s sports watches from Tissot, the modern-day T-Sport watches come in designs that are both classy yet innovative. The collection also boasts having various movements that power the models. There are more than 150 watches in this collection in various models as well as iterations. So, every personality has a T-Sport watch for them. 

With that said, this collection offers different price ranges as well — from affordable to high-end. Today, the special NBA T-Sport watches come at the most affordable price, starting at about $200 USD. This is to make sure that fans of various NBA teams can get their hands on the representative watches of their favorites. The straps of the watches vary depending on the colors that represent each team. On the other end of the range, Tissot PRS 516 in 18K Gold with a Valjoux movement is the most expensive at $2,800 USD, brand new. 

Prices for the Tissot T-Trend: A Trendy Ladies’ Watch

The Tissot T-Trend collection leans more on the feminine side when it comes to its design. Many women enjoy the features of its watches from the petite frames to diamond studs on the dial. The collection carries varied designs that fit every aesthetic preference. They’re great, classy watches for women that also come at different prices. It can come as affordable as $200 USD or as expensive as $1,000 USD, depending on the features and design. 

Prices for the Tissot T-Lady: A Ladies’ Must-Have

Speaking of women’s watches, if you’re looking for the quintessential Tissot ladies’ watch, then look no further than the Tissot T-Lady collection. The watches from this series come in varied designs perfect for various functions. Some designs work best in a casual setting, while others are grand enough to fit in the formal wear category. The T-Lady collection focuses on the feminine style and grace with a wide selection of models to choose from. Whether you want a circular frame or a square frame, there’s a Tissot T-Lady watch for you. 

As expected, it also comes in a wide range of prices that could fit every budget. With $210 USD, you can get a brand new Everytime watch with a quartz movement. If you do feel like splurging, you can expect to shell out around $880 USD for a brand new Lady Heart Powermatic 80. This automatic watch features an open heart design with a whopping 80 hours of power reserve. 

Prices for the Tissot Heritage: A Vintage-Inspired Watch 

Not all brands can do classic recalls well. However, Tissot begs to differ as they revisit old-time classics with the Tissot Heritage collection. Watches from this collection feature Tissot’s greatest hits with all-new, modern movements. If you’re into vintage watches, the Heritage collection can give you that aesthetic with innovative tech powering it through. Heritage watches take inspiration from Tissot’s previously released watches, such as the 1973 model, a classic sports watch with a chronograph function. Transport yourself back to 1910 with the Tissot Heritage Porto. It comes with a tonneau-shaped case art-nouveau style dial. 

The cheapest Tissot Heritage watch you can get is the Heritage Visodate. It’s a simple 3-hand watch with a date window at 3 o’clock. With a quartz movement, it only costs around $300 USD. Meanwhile, the Navigator and the 1973 prove the most expensive of all Heritage watches. The Navigator, which was launched to celebrate the 160th Anniversary of this model earning a COSC certification, costs around $1,700 USD for a brand new watch. The 1973, on the other hand, can cost up to $2,100 USD. 

Prices for the Tissot Le Locle: The Quintessential Dress Watch 

The Le Locle collection takes dress watches to a whole new level. Taking inspiration from the Swiss Jura Mountains where the brand is headquartered, the Le Locle is a classic timepiece in itself. Tissot gives the Le Locle special attention when it comes to detail. The dial comes with stunning patterns and Roman numeral indexes. As usual, you can get the Le Locle with different movements. 

With a Powermatic 80 movement, the Le Locle can cost a reasonable $650 USD, brand new. Meanwhile, having the Le Locle with a Valjoux movement as well as a chronograph function costs up to $1,700 USD. The most affordable watch from this collection doesn’t stray too far from the Powermatic’s price at $580 USD. 

Prices for the Tissot Seastar: A Powerful Dive Watch

Just like any other watch brand, Tissot also has its very own dive watch collection. It comes in the form of the Tissot Seastar, a powerful watch with an incredible depth rating. Firstly, it has a very sporty design. Complete with either a 3-hand version or a chronograph version, this watch fits every personality. The water-resistance of this watch comes up at a whopping 300m (984ft). 

The greatest thing about this watch is that it’s way more affordable than the luxury diver. The most expensive Seastar watch is a limited-edition chronograph priced at $2,200 USD. But you can get it for as low as $500 USD with a chronograph function and a quartz movement. 

Why should you buy a Tissot watch? 

Tissot comes up with timepieces that embrace modern-day technology in horology. However, the brand doesn’t forget its classic roots. At the same time, it also provides modern solutions through designs that conform to 21st century standards. If you find it hard to find a Tissot watch that perfectly suits your style, here are a few reasons why Tissot should be your new go-to brand for reliable timepieces. 

● Tissot combines modern technology with classic designs, such as the Tissot Touch Collection.

● With its cost-effective production, Tissot watches remain affordable as a mid-range watch brand. 

● Tissot automatic watches provide not only accuracy but dependability. 

● Some Tissot offerings come with a titanium case that can withstand great stress. 

● Tissot remains true to its roots by continuing to produce Tissot T-Pocket watches.

History of Tissot Watches

Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot founded Tissot in 1853. At the Swiss city of Le Locle, in the Neuchâtel area of the Jura Mountains, the brand found its beginnings. In 1858, Charles-Emile left for Russia to sell the brand’s savonnette pocket watches. With much determination, Charles-Emile successfully sold its watches across the Russian Empire. 

In 1930, Tissot joined forces with Omega SA to form the SSIH or the Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère. The two brands started a whole era of watches that many collectors love. By 1938, Tissot landed its first official timekeeper engagement, timing a series of ski races across the Villars-Sur-Ollon in the Jura mountains. By 1957, Tissot has already been timing for the Davis Cup. 

Fast forward to 1983, Tissot became part of the SSIH-ASUAG. ASUAG stands for Allgemeine Schweizerische Uhrenindustrie AG. This organization supplied most of the watch industry’s needs. Later, the organization reformed to be SMH, Société Suisse de Microélectronique et d’horlogerie. 

By 1998, SMH renamed itself to be the Swatch Group, the company we know today as one of the industry giants. Tissot stayed in Le Locle, Switzerland, distributing timepieces to over 160 countries. It is one of Swatch Group’s mid-range brands and is considered the flagship brand for the range. 

Tissot’s Achievements & Innovations

The brand has various achievements in the world of horology. Tissot introduced the world to the first-ever mass-produced pocket watch. It’s also the first to launch the first pocket watch with two time zones in 1853. 

During the 1920s, the use of electricity boomed as it became part of people’s daily lives. However, electricity magnetizes the watches and it affects their precision. To solve this, Tissot released the first anti-magnetic watch in the late 1920s. 

Fast forward to 1971, the company also became the brains for creating the first watches out of a plastic, called Idea 2001. The brand’s first stone watch is called the Alpine granite RockWatch launched in 1985. Tissot also created a mother of pearl watch in 1987 called the Pearl, as well as the aptly named Wood watch in 1988. All these are considered industry firsts. 

In 1999, Tissot introduced the first-ever tractile watch called the Tissot T-Touch, which revolutionized the industry. These watches come with touch-sensitive sapphire crystals to control the functions such as altimeter, barometer, and even a compass. The brand continued to revolutionize the T-Touch by launching the Expert Solar and Lady Solar in 2014 with 25 functions. 

Today, the brand remains the official timekeeper for various sporting events. Among those include cycling, motorcycling, fencing, and ice hockey events. The brand also sponsored various Formula One teams such as Renault, Lotus, and Sauber. 

Tissot Vintage Watches 

The past few decades have been nice to Tissot vintage watches. Tissot continues to transform the market by revisiting old models and collections. It is, perhaps, the brand giving value to its heritage that made the vintage market for Tissot watches grow tremendously through the years. There are various things to consider about buying a Tissot vintage watch, which also applies to other brands’ vintage offers. 

Firstly, check the quality of the watches. Not all vintage watches have to be worn out and dilapidated. Some even work well even after decades of being in storage. The condition also plays a huge part in a vintage watch’s value. Another indicative feature of a good vintage watch is its rarity. Double-check on these things and you’re sure to have a great investment for the future. 

Tissot Watches for Women 

The brand has a long history of providing wonderful timepieces for women. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Tissot often decorated their pendant watches in rich colors and precious stones. This attracted the rich and famous like French actress Sarah Bernhardt, who owned a pendant watch from the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. 

Tissot continued creating watches geared toward women in the form of wristwatches. At the time, wristwatches were all the rage as their invention began during the war. The brand became known to celebrities such as Queen Elisabeth of Belgium and world-famous singer Carmen Miranda. Even Angelina Jolie wore a Tissot watch for the iconic film Mr. and Mrs. Smith

As a new generation of empowered women learns about Tissot, the brand also adjusts with better designs. Today, with collections such as the Tissot T-Lady and the Tissot T-Trend, the brand offers not only formal dress watches but also sports watches for women. 

Famous People and Tissot 

Tissot may be a mid-range brand but its clientele and line of ambassadors impress with credentials. Firstly, the brand partnered up with various celebrities and sports icons such as French basketball pro player Tony Parker, international-acclaimed actress Liu Yi Fei, and Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer Jorge Lorenzo. Other notable ambassadors include Virat Kohli, Deepika Padukone, Huang Xiaoming, Thomas Lüthi, Neha Kakkar, Marc Márquez, and Rana Daggubati

Meanwhile, its clientele also boasts several esteemed people from various industries, like the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton herself, and rock legend Elvis Presley. The late actress Grace Kelly was also a known fan of the brand, as well as the late Nelson Mandela

Watches that Pack a Punch 

Tissot, while considered a mid-range brand, packs a punch when it comes to providing high-quality timepieces. The brand continues to evolve its collections, attracting a new generation of collectors and enthusiasts. It also proves a strong player in the industry deserving of high regard alongside other big Swiss brands. Whether you’re into sports, looking for a reliable everyday watch, or in search of an elegant dress watch, there’s a Tissot watch perfect for you!


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