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Sinn Watches: Taking Functionality to Another Level

Sinn watches are best known for being equipped to serve different professions. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are also built to withstand extreme conditions. In particular, the iconic and extremely water- and pressure-resistant Sinn Diving Watches and high-precision Sinn Instrument Chronographs are a favorite choice among those who are looking for extremely durable watches. 

This German watch brand has had a rich history boasting innovation and many feats in its over 60 years in the watchmaking industry. Over the years, Sinn watches have earned the respect and trust of many watch enthusiasts all over the world.

How much is a Sinn watch?

Sinn Chronograph 910 Anniversary Brown Leather Watch$6,779 USD41.5mm 

Stainless steel case

Sapphire crystal

100M water resistance

Column wheel chronograph

Split-second function

Sinn 3006 Vintage-Style Brown Leather Men's Watch$4,319 USD44mm

Stainless steel case

Sapphire crystal

200M water resistance


Weekday and month display

Moonlight display

24-hour display

Sinn 6000 Frankfurt Financial District Leather Men's Watch$3,749 USD38.55mm

Stainless steel case

Sapphire crystal

100M water resistance

Three timezone display

Rotor engraving

Sinn Diving Chronograph 206 ARKTIS II Men’s Watch$4,069 USD43mm

Stainless steel case

Sapphire crystal

300M water resistance

Diver's bezel


Electroplated blue dial

Equipped with ar-dehumidifying technology

Sinn Classic 1739 Leather Watch$2,199 USD39mm

Stainless steel case

Sapphire crystal

100M water resistance


Silver electroplated dial

Sinn Chronograph 356 Pilot Watch$2,219 USD38.5mm

Stainless steel case

Sapphire crystal

100M water resistance

Date and day of the week display

Acrylic glass

Sinn Diving Watch U1 B Men’s Watch$2,499 USD44mm

Steel case

Sapphire crystal

1000M water resistance

Diver's bezel

Equipped with TEGIMENT Technology

Certified by DNV GL

Sinn 903 St Instrument Chronographs Navigator Leather Watch$3,469 USD41mm

Stainless steel case

Sapphire crystal

100M water resistance

Column wheel chronograph

Bezel with logarithmic scale

Slide rule function

Sinn Frankfurt Financial District Men’s Watch$2,769 USD38.55mm

Stainless steel case

Sapphire crystal

100M water resistance

Three timezone display

12-hour option

24-hour option

Sinn Pilot 104 St Sa A Vintage-Style Leather Men's Watch$1,699 USD41mm

Stainless steel case,

Sapphire crystal

200M water resistance

Pilot's bezel with minute ratcheting



Sinn Watches’ Collections

Sinn watches are functional, reliable, and robust. They are meant to serve professionals of extreme professions and excel at doing so. Each timepiece is curated to fit very strict standards that Sinn watches are most known for. From pilot watches to timeless pieces, each Sinn watch is made with utmost care and precision. You’ll mostly find Sinn automatic watches in their collections. With the variety of Sinn watches available in their collection, there will surely be an ideal fit for any profession. 

Prices for the Sinn Instrument Watches: A Nod to Aviation

The Sinn Instrument Watches was first launched in 1997. They easily became a favorite among collectors and professionals alike. The watches under this collection were fashioned after cockpit navigation clocks which are a tradition at Sinn. These timepieces are structured to offer great readability with a day of the week function. This is one of their most known collections as it is one of the first ones that they released as a brand.

Although these Sinn pilot watches are made for professional pilots, the collection has made rounds with watch aficionados as well. With these watches’ performance and eye-catching dials, the Sinn Instrument Watches are a great watch to have if you're looking for a robust watch that can withstand extreme conditions. The Instrument Watches give a nod to aviation and live up to its purpose and the inspiration that it takes after. Watches in this collection start at around $1,619 USD. The price can go up to as much as $5,899 USD, depending on the model or variant that you choose to purchase.

Prices for the Sinn Diving Watches: Tried, Tested, and Certified for Excellence

The Sinn Diving Watches collection is one of the brand's most notable collections to date. The company pairs the strength of German Submarine steel with their innovative technology to create cutting-edge watches that meet the strict standards of the company. With the release of the Sinn Dive watches, the brand became the first in the watchmaking industry to create watches that comply with the standards set by the DNV GL for European diving equipment. 

These watches are tested to resist water, pressure, and fogging. The watches are also equipped with the company's TEGIMENT and HYDRO technologies to make for a more powerful watch. The TEGIMENT technology is designed so that the watch becomes scratch-resistant. HYDRO Technology, on the other hand, allows for perfect reliability underwater and makes the watch free from fogging. Moreover, the watches can also withstand temperatures that range from -45 °C to +80 °C. 

The prices of the Sinn Diving Watches start at $2,299 USD. However, they can also go up to $4,229 USD, depending on the watch that you’re eyeing to get.

Prices for the Sinn Instrument Chronographs: Fashioned by Tradition

The Sinn Instrument Chronographs collection was made for those with extreme professions such as pilots, fire service professionals, and divers. This collection is rooted in Sinn's German watchmaking roots, producing pilot watches with the highest precision. The technology used in the Instrument Chronographs is refined and has even won numerous awards including the German Design Award. 

Watches in the Instrument Chronograph collection are equipped with the company's Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, which enhances the watch's functional reliability and makes the watch free from fogging. It also has a system based on the TEGIMENT system which makes the watches scratch-resistant. Sinn Chronograph watches are priced at $1,959 USD and can go up to $6,779 USD, depending on the model.

Prices for the Sinn Frankfurt Financial District Watches: Evolution at Its Finest

The next collection is the Sinn Frankfurt Financial District Watches which is linked to the company's base in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. The introduction of this collection brought about a milestone in the history of the company. With this collection, the words “Frankfurt am Main'' were first stamped on the dials of Sinn watches when they released this collection. Further, the watch has made its mark as a sought-after timepiece in the industry.

Watches in the Frankfurt Financial District collection offer timepieces that are elegant but also represent the craftsmanship of the brand. Despite the complexity of its technicalities, you can expect it to perform at its best while looking its best. Prices for the Frankfurt Financial District watch range from $3,749 USD to $4,689, depending on the model that you are eyeing to buy.

Prices for the Sinn Classic Timepieces: Functionality and Elegance

The Sinn Classic Timepieces are the "first among equals" in the brand's product range. They are a symbol of the captivating elegance that is accompanied by outstanding functionality. This range is made popular by its horological features that set each timepiece apart from the other. This way, the individual characteristics of the timepieces will truly be the star of the show.

While the watches might not have the same technology as the other collections, these are nonetheless durable, waterproof, and pressure-resistant. That said, they might not be suited for conditions that are too extreme but they can still be used regularly and can still withstand most pressures. You'll find that Sinn men's watches in this collection possess timeless elegance. Watches in this collection start at around $2,199 USD. The prices can go up depending on the model that you’re looking to get.

Sinn Watches: Milestones and Innovations

Sinn is a brand that is decorated with various milestones and innovations that have all contributed to the brand’s success today. Their first milestone was in 1985 when the 140 S Chronograph was brought to space in the D-1 space mission by Dr. Reinhard Furrer. This mission proved that the watch can still function even in the weightless condition of space. A few years later, in 1992, the would also make it to space during the Mir-92 mission with Klaus-Dietrich Flade.

The 142 Space Chronograph would later be used in the D-2 space mission that lasted for 10 days. In this mission, the watch orbited the Earth 160 times and it flew at 6.7 kilometers onboard the NASA shuttle Columbia. 

The company would then release its first gold watch in 1995. In the same year, the company also introduced the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, which was meant to prevent the watch’s crystal from fogging up and would extend the lifespan of the watch. This would not be the company’s first innovation as it would go on to develop the HYDRO Technology in 1996, which guarantees freedom from fogging and functionality at any depth for divers. The DIAPAL and TEGIMENT Technology would also be developed by the company in the succeeding years. 

The company is known for producing dive watches. A noteworthy timepiece in their Sinn dive watches is the Sinn UX GSG 9 Diving Watch. This watch is not only fitted with steel fashioned from a German submarine but it is also water-resistant up to 12000m. Further, it is used by the maritime division of the German Federal Police’s elite tactical unit, the GSG 9. This isn’t the first time that the brand has worked with the GSG 9 for they have also produced the ZM1 and EZM2 mission timers for them in 1997. These timers were to be used for special missions by the special forces and the GSG 9. 

Another noteworthy timepiece is the Sinn 903 St. This watch is unique because of its slide rule. The slide rule allows wearers to make mathematical equations with the watch. There are a couple of ways that you can use it, for instance, you can use it to calculate fuel consumption, average speed, and even your rates of ascent and descent. It’s a unique watch that collectors and professionals alike would love to have in their arsenal. 

It's also worth mentioning that the company is also the first in the watch industry to be certified by the DNV GL Group for the Sinn dive watches. The watches are certified for complying with the European standards for diving equipment. They earned this certification in 2005 in the same year that they started using German Submarine steel for the cases of their diving watches.

These milestones and the company’s other achievements have paved a way for Sinn to become the brand that it is today.

The Best of Sinn's Watchmaking Technology: Diving and Pilot Watches

Sinn is best known for its diving and pilot watches. They have all met the company standards and have passed all the certifications needed to produce each watch. However, among their watches, there are just some watches that are a cut above the rest. 

One such watch is the Sinn Diving Watch U1 with TEGIMENT option. The watch is made from German Submarine steel and provides the best support even when you're in extreme conditions. The Diving Watch U1 is also fitted with TEGIMENT Technology which makes it scratch-resistance. The watch comes in two options but both options still have TEGIMENT Technology regardless of which option you choose. The watch is also certified by the DNV GL and has been tested based on the standards of European diving equipment. 

Up next is the Sinn Pilot Chronograph 103 St. This is a traditional pilot chronograph that was created for uncompromising functionality. Inspired by some of the instruments in an airplane cockpit, it features shock-resistance glass that makes for a great pilot watch that will accompany pilots at any height.

If you're looking for something more contemporary but you want a diving watch, the Sinn 206 ARKTIS II Diving Chronograph is your best bet. Still living up to the name of its predecessor, the 203 ARKTIS, this model still has the same Temperature Resistance Technology. The timepiece is also equipped with the company's D3 System which removes the need for screwable push-pieces that the original model had. The 206 ARKTIS II is an elevated version of the original model.

History of Sinn Watches

In 1961, a former World War III Pilot named Helmut Sinn established a company in Frankfurt am Main called "Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren". At the time, the company's core was manufacturing navigation clocks and pilot chronographs — timepieces that would soon make their marks in the industry. 

A testament to the functionality and the robustness of Sinn Watches happened in 1985. Dr. Reinhard Furrer, a German physicist, and astronaut wore the company's 140 S during a space mission. This marks a milestone for Sinn Watches as it would later lead to another space mission for Sinn Watches. 

Sinn Watches would return to space in the years to follow. In 1992, the 142 S was used during the Mir-92 mission by Klaus-Dietrich Flade. The same model (142 S) was used in the D-2, the second phase to the 1985 D-1 where the watch's first recorded use in space happened. The D-2 took place in 1993 and became a further testament to the functionality of Sinn Watches as it was able to accompany the crew during their 10-day mission on the NASA shuttle Columbia. 

In 1994, the company entered a new era when it was acquired by Lothar Schmidt. Upon his acquisition of the company, Schmidt began a reorganization that would later enhance the company's technological expertise as it makes its way into the future. Under the new company name, “Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH”, they released the 244 Model which is best known for exceeding the DIN standard for anti-magnetic watches.

In the next few years, Sinn Watches would then come to introduce two systems that would radically change the company's reputation. In 1995, they introduced the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology which prevented the timepiece's crystal from fogging up and stunted its aging process. The HYDRO Technology was introduced in 1996 and it guarantees that the watch is free from fogging, pressure-resistant, and possesses optimal readability underwater. 

Sinn then introduced the EZM1 and EZM2 mission timers which were designed for the special police forces and the Border Protection Group 9 of Federal Police. Additional models were later developed for special and professional users. 

In 1998, the company received its first award for the 103 Ti Ar. Sinn Watches received the Goldene Unruh for the first time. In 1999, Sinn would finally introduce the Frankfurt Financial District Watch which became the first model in a whole series. This watch would mark a significant milestone in the company’s history as it is the first to have “Frankfurt am Main” on its face. From there, the success of the company flourished and it has since then become the recipient of numerous awards including awards from the German Design Awards and the Red Dot Awards.

The company’s history plays a huge role in what it is today. If not for their innovations and their efforts into making such noteworthy innovations, Sinn Watches would not be what it is today.

Five Reasons to Get a Sinn Watch

If you’re still looking for reasons as to why Sinn Watches are worth the investment, here are five reasons as to why you should consider getting yourself a Sinn Watch. 

First, they are durable and functional in extreme conditions. As Sinn Watches are made for professionals and extreme professions, they would have to be able to withstand even the harshest conditions. Sinn Watches are functional enough that they can be used on land, air, and underwater. 

Second, Sinn Watches are officially certified for diving. The company is the first in the watch industry to be given such certification and it has since become a staple among divers. Sinn dive watches are tested for water and pressure resistance, as well as the standards of European diving equipment. 

Third, the robustness and reliability of the brand have been tested and proven by professionals. Apart from being used in three space missions in the past, the company has also supplied watches to the German Federal Police. Its demand in the field is a testament to just how functional Sinn Watches are.

Fourth, their diving watches are made of submarine steel. In 2005, Sinn Watches began to use German submarine steel to make the cases of their diving watches. This ensures that their diving watches can withstand pressure and saltwater. 

Fifth, the company goes the extra mile. The company makes sure that they provide their users with the best services possible. Not only do they provide excellent customer service in-store but they also make sure that their timepieces leave the factory with all their standards met. 

Sinn Watches’ Famous Patrons

Sinn watches are not only popular among professionals and watch aficionados but also among celebrities. Several celebrities and noteworthy professionals have been spotted wearing a Sinn watch, and here are just some of them.

First up is Steve Austin. Known for his wrestling career, Austin was spotted wearing the Sinn U1 SDR. This model is a diving watch that is made from German Submarine Steel and certified by the DNV GL. It is waterproof and pressure-resistant which makes it an ideal watch for those with extreme professions. 

Another noteworthy figure is the American computer scientist, Robert Alan Eustace. Together with the Sinn 857 UTC TESTAF, Eustace broke the world record for the highest-altitude free-fall jump in 2014.  The model was specifically chosen by Eustace's team for the jump. It was fashioned into his suit and is currently displayed with the suit in Washington, DC's National Air and Space Museum.

Sinn Watches: A Representation of Functionality and Elegance

Sinn watches have established themselves in the industry for their many innovations. Not only that, but Sinn has also produced some of the most functional watches in the market that work well in almost every situation. While it is true that these watches do have a specific purpose, they work just as well in any situation. Sinn watches are functional but they also do not sacrifice timeless elegance to get the robustness of the watch. In all, Sinn Watches are a must-have for professionals — especially those of extreme professions — as they guarantee reliability, functionality, and elegance that you might not find in other brands. 

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