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Citizen Watches: Sustainability and Versatility at their Finest 

Citizen was first called Shokosha Watch Research Institute before the brand was taken over in 1930. Citizen upholds its title as one of the pioneers in watchmaking and innovative technology. Famed for its Eco-drive watches, the brand emphasizes sustainability while featuring unique designs in the world of horology. It envisions the company as well as the customers to be environmentally responsible by supporting sustainable technology. 

During the 1973 oil crisis, Citizen was among the companies that rose to the occasion by inventing a light-powered and energy-saving timepiece through its Eco-Drive technology. Thus, paving the way for the company to write its own history in the watchmaking industry. Some of the collections that carry watches with the Eco-Drive technology include the Citizen Promaster, Citizen Attesa, and Citizen Bluetooth, among others. 

How Much is a Citizen Watch?

To give you a glance at the costs of the Citizen watches, we short-listed below some of their most popular watches throughout the years with their prices and features.

ModelPrice (approximate)SizeFeatures
Citizen Super Titanium™ Satellite Waves GPS F950$5,000 USD48mmAnti-reflective sapphire crystal, black dial, super titanium material, 100m (333ft) water resistance
Citizen Satellite Wave F900$2,800 USD48mmSapphire crystal, blue dial, super titanium material, 50m (166ft) water resistance
Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Diver 200m$1,080 USD47mmSapphire crystal, green dial, super titanium material, silver-tone
Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T$796 USD47mmAnti-reflective mineral crystal, blue dial, stainless steel material, 200m (666ft) water resistance
Citizen Promaster Tsuno Chronograph Racer $740 USD45mmAnti-reflective spherical sapphire crystal, black & red accents dial, stainless steel material, 200m (666ft) water resistance
Citizen World Chronograph$556 USD43mmAnti-reflective sapphire crystal, blue dial, stainless steel material, 200m (666ft) water resistance 
Citizen Super Titanium Armor$440 USD41mmSapphire crystal, black & gray dial, super titanium material, 100m (333ft) water resistance 
Citizen CZ Smart$395 USD46mmHealth and wellness monitoring, calendar reminders, music control, see calls, texts, and emails
Citizen Dress Classics$350 USD40mmSapphire crystal, champagne dial, gold-tone stainless steel material, 100m (333ft) water resistance
Citizen Eco-Drive Riiiver $315 USD43mmSapphire crystal, black & yellow accents dial, stainless steel material, 100m (333ft) water resistance
Citizen Promaster Diver$280 USD44mmAnti-reflective mineral crystal, black dial, stainless steel material, 200m water resistance
Citizen Corso$260 USD44mmSapphire crystal, blue dial, stainless steel material, 100m (333ft) water resistance


Citizen Watches' Collections 

Prices for the Citizen Attesa: Elegant and Complex Watches

Citizen Attesa is a collection of watches from the brand that features an analog-digital watch with radio-controlled reception. It was first manufactured in 2010 and made a trend in the market because of its must-have feature – intelligent structure. 

A Citizen Attesa watch has a lightweight titanium case and a scratch-resistant case that give a safe covering and stealthy look for those who want to keep their appearance simple and classy. It is also a 3.5-year solar-controlled battery with low-battery caution in case it loses its power. Moreover, with a price of $1,709 USD, you can already purchase a durable Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-GPS that gives you a watch with its own distinctive features.

The first models of this collection were only made to be sold in Japan, but today, they can be bought worldwide at affordable prices. 

Prices for the Citizen Promaster: Ruggedly Sophisticated Watches for Land, Air, and Sea Adventures

The Citizen Promaster collection is a line of watches that features the basic essentials in practicality and ruggedness. Its entire new range of collection in 2019 categorizes the different elements of the environment such as the Land, Sea, and Air models. Plus, it has the Tsuno and Tsuno Chrono models that serve as the edition for their horned chronograph watches. This collection is perfect for sports to casual adventurers. It has a concept of a “grab-and-go” watch that makes this collection a must-have among watch collectors.

One of its popular models is the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive GPS Satellite Wave that has a stunning functionality that works in whatever adventure you may be in. It comes with a stainless steel case and a classic black dial with silver hour markers and hands. It also features a 200m water resistance that supports your diving adventures and a fully graduated bezel that serves as a good match for its mechanism. 

This durable Promaster watch is sold for around $869 USD, a perfect accessory not only to support your hikes and snorkeling adventures, but also to accompany you on your typical office workday. 

Prices for the Citizen Collection: Versatile Option for People On-the-Go

The Citizen Collection showcases a range of watches that features different styles. This collection began when Citizen teamed up with Eric Larsen, who is an adventurer that experiences the excitement from the North and South Poles in 2018. With stunning visuals and impressive innovation, the Citizen Collection was made and adored by the horology world. 

More than looking elegant on your arm, most of the watches from Citizen were made to have easy-to-read numbers so that you do not have to scramble looking for your glasses while out on your adventure. Most watches from this collection have perpetual calendars that can automatically show you the accurate date including leap years until 2100. Moreover, they are solar-powered that can be charged from any light source that you have. Most markers of this collection have a luminous layer that glows in the dark. The round dials and elegant numerals are something that you should look forward to.

With a price of $2,759 USD, you can already have the featured The Citizen Solar Eco-Drive that highlights the Tosa Washi dial, a traditional high-quality Japanese paper with silver-toned index markers and hands.

Prices for the Citizen Exceed: Tough and Trendy Titanium Watches

The Citizen Exceed a is collection of a wide range of watches that features sophisticated yet practical, classic yet modern designs that use super titanium. This family of watches was made with a tough yet complex concept. All of the pieces have a fourfold face, which is the 24-hour sign, a day of the week, primary time, and chronograph.

What makes this collection unique is the 99% clarity coating, which other watches never had. It has a multi-layered silicon compound with sapphire glass surfaces in all of the Exceed watches' surrounding coating. Moreover, it ensures higher visibility because of its reduced light reflection, making it easier to check the dial wherever you are. 

Furthermore, the Citizen Exceed AT9110-58E men’s watch can never go wrong with any style you may have. Priced at $1,039 USD only, you can have your own luxurious look with a 41.33mm super titanium case with sapphire crystal that adds durability to the watch. Its functions include an 8-month power reserve and a 10ATM water resistance.

Prices for the Citizen Bluetooth: Smart and Sustainable Watches

This newly released collection from Citizen is an innovation that perfectly adapts to our busy and modern world. The Citizen Bluetooth collection allows you to have an intuitive yet simple wristwatch. The concept behind these pieces is to cater to the needs of the people who wish to perform their tasks in a convenient and faster way, hence it will help the users to achieve a stress-free quality of living.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Bluetooth BZ1034-52E is one of the most popular timepieces of the brand. It is perfect for individuals who are career-driven and love multitasking at the same time, ensuring that they look stunning in their everyday look. This watch is designed for men who are looking for a watch that has a black titanium case, solar-powered quartz movement, and sapphire crystal glass. 

For $829 USD, you can already own a watch that has these key functions: alarm, home and local time, message, calls, and email notifications, light level indicator, and smartphone search. All of these functions are meant to be set up first in your own smartphone, hence it is called the Bluetooth Collection.

Prices for the Citizen XC: Distinctly Feminine

The Citizen XC collection is the product behind the brand’s concept of giving an elegant and classic look to women across the world. This collection of watches stands out from the crowd because of its elegantly colored and distinct feminine design. Though these watches may look very delicate, they actually have one of the toughest materials. 

The Citizen XC Cross Sea Titania Line Happy Flight Sakura Pink watch is the best-seller piece in this collection. It gives distinction from the other watches because of its pink gold plating and elegant numerals and date sections as well. For $679 USD, you can have a durable titanium material, plus a waterproof case that saves your watch during your house chores and adventures. It also has a Happy Flight technology that enables you to easily access the time across the world. 

This collection comes with a range of styles, colors, and designs that will suit every woman’s preferences. This is one of the best Citizen watches for women, so you should take the time to check this out.

Prices for the Citizen Elegant Collection: Dress Watches for Men and Women

The Citizen Elegant Collection is perfect for men and women who are looking for watches that suit an elegant evening dress, formal outfit, or even office attire. These timeless timepieces are also eco-drive solar-powered that wouldn’t need you to change batteries. 

The best-selling Elegant Collection for ladies is the Citizen EM0335-51D Eco-Drive Elegant Ladies that is sold for around $260 USD only. While the popular Citizen CB0150-62L Eco-Drive Elegant Radio Controlled, which is sold for $473 USD, is perfect for men who are watch enthusiasts. All the models for this collection feature radio-controlled, power-reserved functions with a world timer and water resistance that can be suitable for everyday use and on all occasions. 

Prices for the Citizen Sports Collection: Sporty-Chic Options for the Modern Sports Enthusiasts

The Citizen Sports Collection is made with several models, which are made with a concept of having a functional, practical, modern sporty-chic look that is integrated with well-designed cases and bracelets. The mechanical watches in this collection are guaranteed to be sturdy enough to handle bumps and shocks for everyday use. 

The most popular model from this collection is the newly-released Citizen Series 8 Automatic Sports Watches that is priced at around $1,200 USD only. It has indexes, large luminous hands, glossy dials, and a framed date window that glows in low light. It also features a unique two-piece bezel, which is partly glazed in black on the black dial edition. These models are 100m water-resistant, which is perfect for your water sports adventure.

The Colorful History of Citizen Watches

Citizen is a company of watches that was founded by Kamekichi Yamazaki, who was a Japanese jeweler in the late Meiji and Taisho period (the early 1900s - late 1920s). The era was the dawning of the modern timepiece in Japan, which was halted during the outburst of World War II. 

The company was firstly named Shokosha Watch Research Institute. It started with a strong desire to locally produce timepieces until it started to mark its own top-selling pocket watches in Japan, which made the company expand its building and factory in Tanashi City. Now, it continued its mission to produce integrated technology, which made the Citizen Group merge and change its name to Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

Citizen's Milestones and Innovations

In 1961, Citizen started producing remarkable watches across the world. More than manufacturing timepieces, it also started to produce measurement instruments, precision machinery, office equipment, and trial manufacture. 

The Citizen Eco-Drive Technology is an invention created in 1976 that gave birth to the world’s first light-powered watch. Meaning, watches with this technology are solar-powered, which helped save the dilemma of the oil crisis in 1973. It is one of the alternative sources of clean energy that only a few companies in the world are doing today. At present, it continues to produce sustainable, clean energy that eliminates the need to replace watch batteries. It inspires millions of watchmakers to honor our environment, making it easier for the citizens to live pleasurably here on earth. The Eco-Drive serves as the heartbeat of the company today that is receiving international awards and recognitions.

A few other breakthroughs of the brand include the innovations of quartz timepieces and other cutting-edge products such as the Ana-Digi in 1981 and the Thermo Sensor in 1982. Citizen was also able to produce the world’s first analog quartz wristwatch with an accurate constellation map, which is called the Citizen Cosmosign

Furthermore, it continued to make a name of its own internationally by innovating the world’s first sports digital quartz wristwatch with a shock sensor, called the Shock Sensor timepiece. The world's first analog quartz wristwatch with an electronic perpetual calendar was also developed by the Citizen and was patented as the AVALON Super Calendar.

4 Reasons to Buy a Citizen Watch

For sure, many of you were wondering why the Citizen Watches have always been adored by a lot of watch collectors. In this section, we will give you the best reasons why you should check out this brand.

1. Good Quality

It is a misconception that watches that are priced millions of dollars are the only high-quality pieces that you can get. Actually, timepieces from Citizen are considered to be one of the best solar-powered watches. Citizen has also gained strong credibility from international companies and organizations, such as the Walt Disney Company and the US Open.

2. Purchase Guarantee

The Citizen offers a three-year and five-year guarantee, depending on the model of watch you purchase. It even provides a one-year international guarantee for watches that are purchased in countries outside Japan. 

3. Great Designs

Most, if not all, of the watches from Citizen, especially the Citizen XC Collection, have one of the best designs that the brand ever made. These watches are perfect as gifts on special occasions. 

4. Social and Environmental Responsibilities

One of the major social responsibilities of the Citizen Group is by conducting a series of workshops for children. Its goal is to lead the next generation in developing craftsmanship through the making of original wristwatches that can teach them a sense of accomplishment and the importance of time. You’d surely want to support that mission, right? Not to mention, its Citizen Eco-Drive Technology assures you of its promise to help protect the environment through its solar-powered watches. 

Miyota Movements Used by Citizen

Miyota is a brand which is a registered trademark of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. Its name comes from its way of producing high-speed technologies that are assembled only in Japan to ensure strict quality checks. 

In 1980, it started to operate as a watch movement manufacturing factory and eventually introduced the signature model Caliber 2035. Along with its release is the Caliber 2000 Series, which continues to enjoy popular demand in the watch industry until this day. In 2009, the Caliber 9000 series was launched as an innovation of the best-seller Caliber 8200 Series mechanical movements.

The Miyota Movements used by the Citizen are known to produce unique designs and functions, including multi-function movement, standard automatic movement, premium automatic movement, slim-type movement, mechanical movement, small second chronograph movement, and the chronograph movement. 

Citizen Watches: Your Eco-Friendly Choice

When looking for affordable yet durable watches with aesthetic designs, you will never go wrong with Citizen watches. These timepieces even go beyond your need for a versatile everyday watch since it offers different designs that will match any of your outfits. Furthermore, as you purchase any model from the brand, you are also supporting their sustainability campaign, which will definitely allow you to contribute your own share of preserving the land you live in through their Eco-Drive watch models. 

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