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Rado Watches: Mastering the Art of Swiss Watchmaking

By mastering the use of high-tech materials, Rado continuously receives praise and recognition in the global watch market. The brand is known for blending intricate designs with unique materials to give wearers the comfort and durability they desire on their wristwatches. Because of this, Rado received multiple international design awards since its humble establishment in Lengnau, Switzerland. Following their philosophy “if we can imagine it, we can make it,” Rado gained much deserved attention for creating quality collections, such as the Rado Centrix, Rado Captain Cook, and Rado Ceramica, to name a few. 

How much is a Rado watch?

ModelPrice (approximate)SizeFeatures
Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds Open Heart$1,739 USD33mm
  • 30m water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Transparent sapphire case back
  • Mother of pearl dial
  • Open heart
  • High-tech ceramic Stainless-steel bracelet
  • Diamonds Indexes
  • Rose gold toned watch hands
Rado Captain Cook Automatic Bronze$2,299 USD42mm
  • 300m water resistance
  • Green dial
  • Bronze, High-tech ceramic case
  • Screw-down case back
  • Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • Screwed crown
  • Leather bracelet
Rado Ceramica Diamonds Quartz$1,619 USD30mm
  • High-tech ceramic case
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 50m water resistance
  • 4 pieces of 0.026-carat diamonds
  • High-tech ceramic band
Rado Hyperchrome Diamonds Quartz$3,399 USD36mm
  • Stainless-steel, high-tech ceramic base
  • Sapphire crystal
  • 50m water resistance
  • High-tech ceramic band
  • 60 pieces of 0.390-carat diamonds
Rado Diamaster Automatic$1,439 USD41mm
  • High-tech ceramic base
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Blue dial
  • 50m water resistance
  • Leather band
Rado Golden Horse 1957 Limited Edition Automatic$1,699 USD37mm
  • Stainless-steel case
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Screw down back
  • Green dial
  • 50m water resistance
  • Stainless-steel band
Rado Hyperchrome Automatic$1,369 USD30.6mm
  • Stainless-steel case
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Transparent back
  • Blue dial
  • 50m water resistance
  • Stainless-steel band
Rado True Thinline Quartz$2,389 USD39mm
  • High-tech ceramic base
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Diamond-set indexes
  • White dial
  • 30 m water resistance
  • High-tech ceramic band
Rado True Automatic$1,499 USD40mm
  • High-tech ceramic base
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Black dial
  • Luminous rhodium hands
  • 50 m water resistance
  • High-tech ceramic band
Rado Hyperchrome Quartz$1,609 USD41mm
  • Stainless-steel case
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Silver dial
  • Luminous Gold-tone hands
  • 50m water resistance
  • Stainless-steel, high-tech ceramic band


The Stylish Collections of Rado Swiss Watches

Rado prides itself in using modern alchemy to improve and produce timepieces that stand the test of time. Aside from the Rado ceramic watch, the brand incorporates progressive materials and on-trend designs to create watches that go well with almost any occasion. See how Rado went beyond the usual stainless-steel timepieces by getting to know some of its finest collections.

Prices for the Rado Hyperchrome: The All-around Sleek Watch

In 2012, Rado launched the Rado Hyperchrome collection that showcased their latest technological advancement in watchmaking. In the selection of watches, you’ll find the same advancement in the Rado True Thinline collection. It features the company’s signature ceramic case that can pass off as a Rado sports watch that you can wear almost anywhere.

Like most Rado watch collections, the Rado Hyperchrome showcases a variety of pieces that uphold the various high-tech materials that the brand incorporated into all their pieces. Aside from the different Rado men’s watches available, both men and women can choose from a gorgeous selection of unisex watches included in the display. Some of the crowd favorites include the stunning Rado Hyperchrome Diamonds in quartz and the Rado Hyperchrome Automatic Open Heart. The Hyperchrome Diamond watch’s eye-catching design is both durable and versatile to almost any type of clothing. On the other hand, the Hyperchrome Automatic Open Heart showcases what makes the watch tick with its transparent features.

With its wide variety of timepieces, watch lovers should prepare a budget of around $3,399 USD for watches in this collection. The large budget is understandable especially if they’re hoping to add not just the intricate gold dials but also the shiny diamonds to add glamour to these watches.

Prices for the Rado Ceramica: The Classic and Contemporary Mix 

Rado surprised watch lovers when they released the Rado Ceramica collection in 1990. The brand aimed to show off the subtly beautiful design with the collection’s minimalistic style. The watch’s rectangular or square base blends with a similar-sized comfortable strap. Because of this, people often mistake the timepieces for simple bracelets completing one’s outfit for the day.

With its average weight of around 120 grams, Rado Ceramica pieces, like the Rado Ceramica Quartz, offer the comfort of a light bracelet. Watches in the collection also feature the durable watch technology of the brand’s ceramic bases. Plus, their sleek design and impressive scratch resistance make these watches the perfect companion to various activities, whether working out or a weekend with friends.

If you plan to purchase a timepiece from the Rado Ceramica collection, you must expect the typical Rado watch price of approximately $1,600.00 USD. Despite its simple design, its cost lands on the more expensive side of the brand due to its intricate reduction of materials. The method completes the goal of offering more comfort and all-around style to its wearers.

Prices for the Rado Centrix Collection: Versatile and Beloved

The Rado Centrix is one of the most successful and popular collections of the Swiss watch brand. The fame garnered came from the vast selection of sizes and colors of each timepiece. Because of this, the Rado men’s watches and women’s watches on display can also be categorized as unisex.

Some of the popular timepieces from the Rado Collection are the Rado Centrix Automatic Diamonds (about $2,000 USD) and the Rado Centrix Automatic Mother of Pearl Open Heart (about $1,700 USD). The Centrix Automatic Diamonds features a subtle elegant design that suits any season or style. Meanwhile, the Centrix Automatic Mother of Pearl Open Heart showcases Rado’s unique transparent case with a Mother of Pearl design that adds more sophistication to the piece.

When it comes to the Rado watch price tags in this collection, with every increase in size comes the rise of its cost. This is because of the extravagant materials present in the timepieces of this well-loved collection. Aside from the stunning diamonds, most of the Rado watches in the Centrix collection also feature a power reserve that lasts up to 80 hours.

Prices for the Rado Original Collection: Timeless and Classic

The Rado Original collection displays the vintage and classic design of Rado watches from 1962. The more current releases represent the old feel of the designs combined with the brand’s signature automatic features. Because of this, watch lovers get the chance to own one of Rado’s vintage designs without worrying over its maintenance. 

Purchasing one of Rado Swiss watches’ earliest designs requires a budget of around $1,420 USD. The reasonable price surprises most watch lovers since the collection’s pieces show off Rado’s impressive watchmaking technology in a classic body. Plus, the revolutionary scratch-resistant material seen in the Diastar Original is still part of the recent re-release.

Among the timepieces in this collection, the vintage feeling of the Rado Original Men’s Watch adds a comfy or laid-back tone to most simple or formal outfits. Meanwhile, the Rado Original Automatic stands out with its bright stainless-steel case and band, making it the perfect accessory to formal occasions.

Prices for the Rado Diamaster: Subtle Elegance Combined with Ultra-durability

As one of the most recent Rado Swiss watches, the Rado Diamaster collection focuses on the subtle charm of high-quality materials in simple timepieces. The 2018 release showcases a diverse selection of toned-down chronographs and diamond-studded bodies available for Rado men’s watches and women’s watches. Additionally, some pieces include the subtle vibrance of multi-colored dials and mesmerizing quartz moon phase movements.

The 2018 edition of the Rado Diamaster garnered attention for its new pieces like the Rado Diamaster Automatic Open Heart Diamonds and the Rado Diamaster Automatic Blue Men’s Watch. The Diamaster Automatic Blue Men’s Watch has a sleek display of intricate roman numerals with a dark blue background. Ladies, on the other hand, prefer the Diamaster Automatic Open Heart Diamonds because of its delicate Mother of Pearl dials combined with stunning diamonds and a peak of the Caliber C07 mechanism.

To keep up with the Rado’s trendiest pieces, watch lovers should prepare for $1,620 USD to $3,000 USD to enjoy the best watches offered. The vast difference between the estimated Rado watch prices in the collection stems from the variety of high-tech materials found in each piece. 

Prices for the Rado True Collection: The Essence of Rado

Don’t be fooled by the common-looking designs of the Rado True collection. The trusted high-quality ceramic found in almost all Rado Swiss watches is present in the wide array of designer pieces featured in the True selection. With the brand's signature state-of-the-art watchmaking, every timepiece in the Rado True collection does not only offer on-trend wristwatches but also pieces that can stand the test of time.

Due to its wide selection of versatile pieces, fans of Rado Swiss watches prepare an estimate of $600-1,800 USD before purchasing their desired models from the True collection. However, the Rado True Secret Diamonds, the recent addition to the True collection, costs approximately $2,600 USD.

Among all the True collection watches, the Rado True Automatic Diamonds Black Dial Men’s Watch attracts both male and female customers of the brand. The watch's sleek black color goes well with almost any outfit or occasion. Plus, the high-tech ceramic material incorporated in the True Automatic Diamond’s whole design makes it durable, stylish, and easy to wear.

Prices for the Rado True Thinline Collection: Slim and Sophisticated

All watch lovers agree that the Rado True Thinline collection hails as the Swiss watch brand’s ultimate display of timeless pieces. The stunning collection attracted a lot of attention since its initial release in 2011. Rado Swiss watches outdid themselves when they produced the ultra-thin ceramic quartz watches in the collection. Furthermore, its advanced and lightweight high-tech watchmaking materials offer comfort to every wearer.

The light, scratch-resistant, and 5 mm thick body of the Rado True Thinline Quartz White Dial Watch is one of the most outstanding timepieces in the collection. Despite being categorized as a Rado men’s watch, the True Thinline Quartz White Dial Watch’s stunning design fits the wrists of any customer. Meanwhile, the True Thinline Les Couleurs™ Le Corbusier full collection box urged many watch lovers to splurge during its release. The whole collection box features all nine colors of the timepiece that showcases the signature slim and scratch-resistant material in the True Thinline selection.

Due to the unique watchmaking materials present in the True Thinline collection, interested customers must prepare a budget of about $20,000 USD. This huge budget allows buyers to purchase more than one piece that offers the comfort you need for everyday use. 

Prices for the Rado Sintra Collection: Futuristic and Fun  

Following the success of Rado Ceramica, Rado Swiss watches released the Rado Sintra Collection in 1993. Many people mistake the Sintra pieces as part of the Ceramica selection due to its rectangular-shaped body that blends with the strap’s size. However, the watches of the Sintra collection are composed of a lightweight hard metal, whereas the Ceramica timepieces are mostly produced with Rado’s signature high-tech ceramic material.

Since Rado’s establishment in 1917, the watches in the Rado Sintra collection are the first pieces to be made of titanium carbide-based composite. The use of this material expanded Rado’s innovation in creating their signature timepieces. One of the collection’s known bestsellers is the Rado Sintra Jubile which falls under the beloved Rado men’s watches. Despite this, the watch’s strap can accommodate the wrist sizes of both male and female wearers.

Because of its classic design, the Rado watch price from this collection falls on the expensive side. The famous sleek black design of the Rado Sintra Jubile model costs around $ $2,899 USD. The extravagant comes as no surprise to most watch lovers because of the high-quality timepiece they’re getting in exchange.

Prices for the Rado Golden Horse: Ode to the Brand’s Vintage Designs 

Rado Swiss watches consider the Rado Golden Horse collection as one its most successful breakthroughs in the watchmaking industry. The limited-edition selection of watches that was released in 1957 gained enough attention to building the fame of the Rado luxury brand that we know of today. The exceptional quality of the timepieces continues to be one of the best standard design long-lasting wristwatches.

In order to own one of the gorgeous pieces included in the Golden Horse collection, one must prepare some of the most expensive Rado watch prices. The watches on display cost more than $1,600 USD each. The hefty total comes with Rado’s pride in featuring the best quality designs and materials that best describe the company’s motto, “if we can imagine it, we can make it.”

The Rado Golden Horse Automatic Men’s Watch is one of the best models in the extravagant selection. The watches perfectly showcase both past and present of Rado Swiss watches. Its 37 mm stainless-steel case holds Rado’s high-quality ETA C07 movement. 

Prices for the the Rado Captain Cook Collection: Versatile and Durable

Rado continues to make its mark in the Swiss watchmaking industry with its production of the Rado Captain Cook collection. The new release features Rado’s signature materials such as the high-tech ceramic base, sapphire crystal, and automatic movement. Because of its 2021 release, fans of the Swiss watch brand look forward to the company’s goal with its new models.

In hopes of showcasing Rado’s mastery in the art of watchmaking, the Swiss watch brand launched pieces like the Rado Captain Cook Automatic Bronze Men's Watch. The watch’s familiar design was first seen in 1962. To achieve the collection’s goal, the vintage model was reinvented for today’s modern era. Additionally, the watch’s sturdy bronze case completes the piece’s superb durability that will last for a long time.

Because of its recent launch, most of the pieces on display come with the extravagant price of about $2,299 USD. Despite its hefty price tag, the Captain Cook collection offers a wide array of designs for the top-notch design that each piece is focusing on. Customers can also choose comfier alternatives to the bands and straps of their chosen watch.

The Notable Milestones that Shaped Rado Swiss Watches

Staying true to their philosophy, “if we can imagine it, we can make it,” Rado Swiss Watches continues to transform their extraordinary ideas into reality. Since the company’s humble beginning in 1917, Rado has produced numerous breakthroughs that took the watchmaking industry by storm. The Swiss watch brand made its mark by coming up with revolutionary materials for watches like high-tech ceramics and diamonds.

In 1957, Rado’s launch of the first Golden Horse collection shook the world of Swiss watchmaking. The unusual blend of silver against the bright red detail of Rado's signature anchor symbol marked the company's rise to fame. As time passed, Rado launched iconic collections like the Rado Ceramica in 1990 and the Rado True Thinline in 2011.

The Rado Ceramica collection featured the high-tech ceramic material that became one of Rado Swiss Watches' claims to fame in the watchmaking industry. Afterward, the release of the Rado True Thinline collection further revolutionized the popularity of lightweight timepieces. The 5 mm thickness of the ceramic watch brought the desirable comfort of wearing a wristwatch that's barely there.

Rado: At the Forefront of the Ceramic Watch Revolution

In 1990, Rado launched the Rado Ceramica collection and changed the course of its watchmaking expertise forever. The minimalist style combined with high-tech ceramic material of the timepieces became key elements to future Rado Swiss watches. Rado eventually released more Ceramica collections and selections that featured more advancement to the company's signature high-tech ceramic materials.

The 2015 launch of the Brown High-tech Ceramic showcased Rado's mastery of the material by adding distinct colors to the collection's pieces. Afterward, Rado added more timepieces to their iconic collection in the following years. During that time, Radon collaborated with famous industrial designer Konstantin Grcic to feature more contemporary pieces.

The History Behind Rado Watches

Before Rado's rise to fame in the watchmaking industry, the Swiss company got its humble start in Lengnau, Switzerland in 1917. Back then, brothers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schulp built their watchmaking factory and named it The Schlup & Co. They eventually changed their company name to Rado after becoming one of the world's largest producers of watches following the end of World War II. 

In 1957, the company celebrated its 40th anniversary and the success of the Golden Horse collection. Rado then successfully marketed water-resistant pieces and made a household name as an international watchmaking brand. Later on, the launch of the Rado Ceramica collection in 1990 boosted the company’s fame with its revolutionary high-tech ceramic material. From then on, watch lovers admired the Swiss brand’s products that proved to stand against the test of time. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Rado Watch

Rado is one of the most outstanding luxury watchmaking brands in the world. It pioneered some of the best vintage designs and high-quality materials that knock-offs could never truly replicate. The Swiss watch brand proved its claims to fame to this day. To further encourage you to check out Rado, here are five reasons why you should purchase their timepieces:

1. Rado offers a variety of versatile designs. Whether you’re into vintage feels or the futuristic style in watches, you can find both types of designs in various Rado collections.

2. Rado Swiss watches can stand the test of time. One of the company’s claims to fame is its high-tech ceramic material that is present in almost all of its timeless pieces. It gives wearers more comfort and durability.

3. Rado continues to value innovation. The Swiss brand does not settle for mastering only one thing. Rado further proved their expertise when the company launched the impressive lightweight watched in the Rado True Thinline collection.

4. Rado Swiss watches assure their product’s accuracy. With a renowned reputation in the watchmaking industry, Rado does not disappoint in providing accurate time to their customers.

5. You won’t waste a single penny with a Rado Swiss watch. Unlike top-tier luxury brands, Rado values their customer’s money and only offers extravagant price tags if the materials used are expensive. Additionally, you can own a Rado watch with a budget of around $700 and still get the exceptional quality the brand offers.

Rado Watches: Traditional Swiss Watches with a Modern Touch

As one of the top Swiss luxury watch brands, Rado continues to prove its excellence and mastery in watchmaking as time goes on. Once the company launched the Rado Ceramica in 1990, Rado didn’t stop with just their high-tech ceramic material. The Swiss brand produced more innovations that make them worthy of their fame in the watchmaking industry.

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