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Diesel Watches: Stylish Timepieces That Don’t Break the Bank

Diesel is known for offering fashionable and unique watches that you would feel confident putting on your wrist. While it is popular for its stylish design, it still maintains affordability, making it a great option for everyone. Diesel also stays on top of technological advances with its smartwatches, appealing to a wider range of customers.

It also made itself known for producing timepieces with strong masculine designs furthered by large dials. Some of the Diesel big face watch models are the classic Mega Chief Chronograph and the robust Mr. Daddy 2.0 Chronograph. With any of these or other Diesel watches for men, you can definitely look great without spending a lot. 

How much is a Diesel watch?

ModelPrice (approximate)SizeFeatures
Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph Quartz Black Dial DZ4283$159 USD51mmBlack ion-plated stainless steel case, stainless steel strap, scratch resistant mineral crystal, luminescence, 50m water resistance, quartz movement

Diesel My Daddy Four Time Zone Dial Black Leather DZ7261


$289 USD58mmRose gold-tone stainless steel case, calfskin leather strap, scratch resistant mineral crystal, luminous hands, 30m water resistance, quartz movement

Diesel Little Daddy Quartz Black and Grey Dial DZ7256


$189 USD51mmStainless steel case, leather strap, scratch resistant mineral crystal, 30m water resistance, quartz movement
Diesel MS9 Chronograph Quartz Black Iridescent Dial DZ4489$139 USD47mmStainless steel case, scratch resistant mineral crystal, stainless steel strap, luminescence, 50m water resistance, chronograph, quartz movement
Diesel Ironside Chronograph Quartz Black Dial Black Leather DZ4361$139 USD46mmStainless steel case, leather strap, scratch resistant mineral crystal, luminescence, 50m water resistance, chronograph, quartz movement
Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Chronograph Quartz Silver Dial DZ7421$209 USD57mmStainless steel case, scratch resistant mineral crystal, stainless steel strap, luminescence, 30m water resistance, chronograph, quartz movement
Diesel Mini Daddy Quartz Blue Textured Dial DZ7339$159 USD54mmStainless steel case, leather strap, scratch resistant mineral crystal, 100m water resistance, quartz movement
Diesel Mini Daddy Black Dual Time Dial Black Ion-Plated DZ7316$139 USD54mmBlack ion-plated stainless steel case, stainless steel strap, scratch resistant mineral crystal, luminescence, 30m water resistance, quartz movement
Diesel Uber Chief Quartz Black Dial Black Leather DZ7377$179 USD55mmBlack ion-plated stainless steel case, leather strap, scratch resistant mineral crystal, luminescence, 100m water resistance, quartz movement
Diesel On Fadelite Smartwatch - Blue Transparent DT2020$275 USD44mmNylon case, monochrome-to-fade TPU strap, powered with Wear OS by Google, built-in GPS, heart rate and activity tracking, swim proof
Diesel Griffed Chronograph White Watch DZ4521$240 USD45mmNylon case, polyurethane strap, 50m water resistance, chronograph, quartz movement
Diesel on Axial Smartwatch - Blue Denim DT2015$350 USD48mmStainless steel case, denim strap, powered with Wear OS by Google, built-in GPS, heart rate and activity tracking, built-in speaker, swim proof
Diesel Rollcage White DZ1755$160 USD46mmStainless steel case, mineral crystal, leather strap, 50m water resistance, three-hand date, quartz movement


Diesel Watch Collections

Diesel does not only offer fashionable but also reliable timepieces, so it can be a perfect choice for those who are after quality. To give you a glimpse of the brand’s classic pieces and smartwatches that would look classy on your wrist, here are their collections.

Prices for the Diesel On Fadelite: Playful Smartwatch for Him or Her

Introduced in 2020, the Diesel On Fadelite is the newest member of the Diesel On family, which is the brand’s line of smartwatches. While Diesel produces oversized designs, this model has a smaller form factor, making it appealing to both men and women. Thanks to its nylon case, the Fadelite is surprisingly lightweight, making it suitable to wear for a run. 

Its stylish strap has a fade effect from one color to another, which was the reference of the collection name. It offers four different colors but one of which has an all-clear strap, perfect for those who want a less playful look. There is also an On x MDJ Limited-Edition Fadelite that comes with interchangeable clear TPU and multicolor straps.

This smartwatch collection comes with a lot of features including GPS, heart rate sensor, and NFC for contactless payments. It has a Snapdragon 3100 chipset, which allows Google’s Wear OS to run, and a 512GB of RAM that helps improve performance. This model is also swim-proof so you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting wet, say when you are at the beach.

The Diesel On Fadelite comes at a reasonable price that won’t hurt you or your pocket. The collection launched with a $275 USD price tag, which one can consider affordable compared to its competition. With this said, it is more appealing in a wider market range. It is worth noting that Diesel watch prices may vary depending on the model, especially when it’s a limited-edition piece. For instance, the mentioned On x MDJ model costs $360 USD, which is pricier than the four models in the Fadelite collection.

Diesel On Axial: The Smartwatch You Can Hear

With its rugged and masculine appearance, this smartwatch collection would surely look good on a man’s wrist. The Diesel On Axial launched in 2019 and since then has been making quite an impression. This model is one of the Diesel watches for men that delivers a tough look but remains fashionable. As for the strap, you may opt to have stainless steel, genuine leather, or denim strap, depending on your fashion goal. Its design is not the only good thing about the Axial collection as its outstanding features back up its appearance.

Diesel’s Axial collection houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset and a memory of 1GB. It also has 8GB of storage, which you can use to store enough apps and music. Some of its useful features are built-in GPS for distance tracking and activity and heart rate monitoring. It also sports a swim-proof design, however, its water resistance is only up to 30m or 3 ATM. You can extend its battery life, too, thanks to its customizable battery-saving options.

One thing that makes it stand out from the rest of Diesel’s smartwatches is it has a built-in speaker. While select Diesel On Full Guard 2.5 models also have a speaker, the rest of its collection only offers a microphone. Axial’s advantage with its speaker is it lets you hear, say, the music that you play in it or the responses from Google Assistant. You can also take phone calls using your Axial smartwatch if you tether it with your iPhone or Android device.

How much is a Diesel watch in this collection, you ask? The Axial smartwatches cost a reasonable price of $350 USD, considering the features and the style you won’t get from the others.

Prices for the Diesel Mega Chief: The Chronograph for Contemporary Fashion

For those who are seeking a Diesel big face watch, the Diesel Mega Chief collection is an impressive set to choose from. Housing a quartz movement, this oversized timepiece can continue functioning for years. It also features a mineral crystal, a chronograph, and a calendar date window, which appeal to the customer base. This collection also boasts its three subdials that track different kinds of time, delivering a classic look.

With its luminous hands and markers, you won’t have a hard time checking the time on your watch in the dark. What’s more impressive is even the subdial hands and all the markings you need to see in the absence of light glow in blue. This Diesel Chronograph watch can also take on water adventures except deep diving, thanks to its 50m water resistance. 

This Diesel big face watch collection also takes a utilitarian style in its limited-edition Mega Chief Concrete. Its crystal lens with a color gradient of blue to orange and its use of real concrete gives off a distinct look and texture. In its case back, you will see an inscribed phrase that reads “living in a concrete jungle.” This Diesel Chronograph watch has a tag price of $300 USD.

Some of the Diesel Mega Chief models cost $260 USD, but there are some models from the collection with more affordable prices. 

Prices for the Diesel Mr. Daddy: The Timepiece for the Never Shy

The Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 collection offers oversized Diesel watches for men that are not for the introverted. Its size, texture, and functions are big and bold enough that it would even start a conversation. With the heavy metal in look and design this timepiece sports, there is no doubt it can make a statement.

This Diesel Chronograph watch boasts its four-time zone feature, three of which have a display with quartz movement. These four distinct zones display different kinds of time, making it a timepiece with strong mechanical touch. It also flaunts its luminous hands and markers that let you check the time, even in the dark. This means there is no need for you to turn the lights on while you’re in your car or bed at night.

The Diesel Mega Chief watches also offer an alarm function feature with a 24-hour display. While one wouldn’t take this for a water adventure, it can still withstand splashes of water, thanks to its 30m water resistance. As for the price, most models from this Diesel Chronograph watch collection cost $219 USD, but some cost a little less. For instance, Mr. Daddy 2.0 Quartz Black Dial Grey Leather DZ7311 costs only $189 USD because of certain factors.

Prices for the Diesel Griffed: The Watch That Won’t Go Out of Style

Exhibiting an industrial style, the Diesel Griffed collection is a must-have for those who want a less boring timepiece. It offers various models with varying materials from nylon to stainless steel straps to rock your fashion statement. The Diesel Griffed Chronograph DZ4521, for instance, boasts a nylon case material and its red and blue iridescent dial. The models from this collection may have differences, but the chronograph and three subdials are something they share.

This is, again, one of the Diesel watches for men and is not for everyone because of its big and bold design. While this may be true, it does not go out of style, making it a splendid piece to invest in. This Diesel Chronograph watch is also splash resistant that you wouldn’t mind wearing while taking a shower.

The price for this collection ranges from $220 USD to $260 USD, which is relatively inexpensive. This makes the Diesel Griffed models a great option for those looking for a timepiece to match their style. 

Diesel Watches’ History: The Story of What It Used to Be

The brand’s history stretches back almost half a century, but what makes it more interesting is the story behind it. At the age of 15, Renzo Rosso, the founder of Diesel, began stitching jeans which he wears or sells to his friends. In 1976, his interest in clothing got him to work for Moltex, a clothing manufacturer that made trousers for various brands. After two years, Rosso decided to leave and start his own business but Adriano Goldschmied, owner of Moltex, didn’t want him to leave. Goldschmied offered Rosso a 40% stake in the company then they founded a new company together which they called Diesel. 

In 1985, Rosso took full control of the Diesel brand after buying out Goldschmied’s remaining interest in the company. As the company gained success, Rosso decided to license the brand to other manufacturers to expand the business. One of the brands it partnered up with is Fossil, which is known for manufacturing exceptional timepieces. This partnership gave the world a line of extraordinary watches which most people today know as the Diesel Watches.

Diesel is now under the OTB Group, which is a holding company that Rosso also founded. OTB stands for “Only The Brave,” which is a phrase you would see on some Diesel watch models. Today, the brand continues to offer stylish, classy, and affordable timepieces, making it a great option for the masses.

Diesel’s Milestone and Innovations

As a fashion watch brand that claims to set trends as opposed to following them, Diesel never stops seeking things to innovate. The urban culture trends it incorporates into its pieces are notable, which is something that would make others take a second look. Diesel also offers various collections inspired by the taste and preference of its customers, leading to a fresher design. 

While this brand offers wristwatches for both men and women, most of the designs aim to call only men’s attention. The Diesel big face watch models, for instance, make the brand somewhat distinct from other classy yet affordable watch brands. It is easy to tell that they are Diesel watches for men as they show off an oversized bold design that appeals to the masculine market.

If you’re after limited-edition timepieces, Diesel has some, too. An example is the Mega Chief Concrete, which features a real concrete case and crystal lens with a blue to an orange color gradient effect. Diesel continues to look for opportunities to create something new, so there are more sophisticated watches to come. Part of its innovation is also making smartwatches you could consider if you want a wearable device to serve as a phone replacement.

Diesel’s Smartwatches

One of the most cutting-edge pieces when it comes to technology is smartwatches, and luckily, it’s something that this brand offers. Diesel started producing smartwatches in 2017, having the Diesel On Full Guard as its first product with an operating system. Its Android Wear, which people know today as Wear OS, opened a lot of customization options in a watch. Diesel then developed the smartwatch the following year and named it Diesel On Full Guard 2.5.

Diesel continued to deliver quality smartwatches and kept adding great pieces to its Diesel On family. Its Axial collection, which debuted in the fall of 2019, sports a rugged and tough style, making it one of the best Diesel watches for men. The Fadelite style, meanwhile, has a strap that seems to fade, hence the name, and features a slicker look that suits both men and women.

All the Diesel smartwatches available today are powered with Wear OS by Google. One of its unique features is the Interactive Effects. This feature includes a function of showing animation for real-time weather conditions. These smartwatches can also track your heart rate and activities, making them a good timepiece for the sporty ones.

Five Reasons to Buy a Diesel Watch

1. Fashionable

As part of the brand known to produce stylish products from eyewear to footwear, the aesthetics of Diesel watches do not disappoint. The brand has fashion in mind when creating timepieces, as it’s after building the confidence of anyone who wears the watch. Diesel watches are pieces you don’t need to flaunt as their design alone makes a statement.

2. Durable

Although the design counts when picking a piece to put on your wrist, Diesel also pays attention to quality. Be it leather, stainless steel, or silicone strap, the wristwatches comprise great quality materials that can last a long time. They are water-resistant, too, making them suitable for brief water immersions or even snorkeling.

3. Affordable

While the brand features a commendable look and quality, the Diesel watch prices remain affordable. This allows more customers to obtain one or even a collection of Diesel watches for a price that suits their budget. There are times that you’ll find sales promotions, too, which opens an opportunity to purchase a piece for a lower price.

4. Smart

Diesel stays on top of the latest technological advancements and found an opportunity to make a line of smartwatches. Its Diesel On family, which is iPhone and Android compatible, continues to grow to meet the customer’s evolving needs. Some of its smartwatch collections have a GPS for tracking location, a built-in speaker for calls and alerts, and many more.

5. Trendsetter

Diesel keeps innovating to appeal to a lot of buyers and it shows on the timepiece models it creates. Creating trends rather than following them has been Diesel’s thing, allowing it to stand out. 

Diesel Watches: A Balance Between Style and Affordability

Diesel’s fashionable and bold timepieces paved the way to make itself known in the watch industry. It may not be the high-end brand that watch enthusiasts would die for, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s something worth collecting. It offers an array of options that would give you a distinctive look without asking too much from your pocket. Considering its affordable price and stylish design, you would not regret having it on your wrist.

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