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NOMOS Watches: Your Quintessential Modern Watch 

NOMOS Glashütte prides itself as one of the most prominent manufacturers of modern watches in the industry. Its unique offering and award-winning designs caught the attention of collectors and enthusiasts alike. By taking modern design and combining it with state-of-the-art technology, NOMOS creates classic timepieces that appeal to watch lovers with modern and minimalist taste. Its most popular collections, the NOMOS Metro and the NOMOS Tangente, remain celebrated in the industry by receiving various awards. 

Today, NOMOS watches perfectly fit the modern setting of urban jungles and the fast-paced lifestyles of the cosmopolitan man. The brand continues to prove this by putting out watches with leading edge both in the design and function division. 

How much are NOMOS watches? 

NOMOS watches fall in the middle range category of watches. Despite its history of providing high-quality timepieces, its watches remain reasonably priced. Especially for the movement and design you can cop, NOMOS watches cost nothing more than $25,000 USD. 

The cheapest NOMOS watches, including the NOMOS Club and the NOMOS Tetra, can range from $1,000 to $5,000 USD. However, some vintage NOMOS watches can cost quite more than the expected. So, exactly how much is a NOMOS watch? 

ModelPrice (approximate)DiameterThicknessCaliber
NOMOS Lambda, Ref. 93214,000 USD42mm9mmDUW 1001
NOMOS Metro, Ref. 11705,000 USD33mm7.7mmAlpha
NOMOS Ahoi, Ref. 560.S24,100 USD40.3mm10.6mmZeta
NOMOS Autobahn, Ref. 13033,700 USD41mm10.5mmDUW 6101
NOMOS Ludwig, Ref. 2613,600 USD40.5mm7.7mmDUW 6101
NOMOS Tangente, Ref. 1713,200 USD35mm6.9mmDUW 3001
NOMOS Minimatik, Ref. 12053,000 USD35.5mm8.9mmDUW 3001
NOMOS Orion, Ref. 3922,600 USD36mm8.5mmDUW 3001
NOMOS Tetra, Ref. 4232,500 USD33mm7.2mmDUW 3001
NOMOS Club, Ref. 7712,400 USD41.5mm9.78mmZeta


Prices for the NOMOS Tangente: A True Bauhaus Watch 

At its launch, the NOMOS Tangente became an instant hit. Almost three decades later, it remains as the brand’s best-selling watch. Tangente watches come with a round case and a clean dial. With a small seconds dial and angular lugs, it makes a perfect combination of old and new. Just like the other NOMOS watches, the Tangente comes with a cordovan leather strap for comfortable wear. Made from a horse's hindquarters, this strap proves durable as well as hydrophobic. 

Because of Tangente’s success as a model, it inspired many iterations. Firstly, the classic version measures about 35mm. With the in-house manual caliber Alpha that’s extremely flat, the NOMOS Tangente Ref. 101 comes at just 6.2mm in thickness. This classic timepiece can cost from $1,000 to $1,400 USD for pre-owned and new watches, respectively. Having a Tangente men’s watch with a date indicator as well as a power reserve display can cost from $2,200 to $2,500 USD. 

At 41 mm, the Tangente Neomatik Update men’s watch was launched to cater to those who want bigger frames on their watches. The watch stands out for its date display. At the edge of the dial, two red markers frame the date for easier reading. It also keeps the watch flat at 7.9mm. NOMOS powers the timepiece with the neomatik caliber DUW 6101. This movement comes with the company’s proprietary NOMOS Swing System. This watch can be yours for the price of $3,100 USD. 

A smaller Tangente Neomatik comes at 35mm and without a date dial. At $2,500 USD, you can purchase a new 35mm Tangente Neomatik. However, if you want a pre-owned or vintage watch, you can get it for at least $2,200 USD. The 39mm Tangente Neomatik also doesn’t come with a date display, and you can have it for $2,900 USD. This model, compared to the others, is new, so pre-owned watches are rare to come by. 

Prices for the NOMOS Club: The Sporty Dress Watch 

As compared to other NOMOS watches, the NOMOS Club comes with a more youthful look. Its design revolves around a sporty motif while remaining straightforward. Just like the Tangente, the Club also comes with various watch sub-family. Each sub-family perfectly fits whichever lifestyle you lead. 

For instance, the NOMOS Club Neomatik comes at a whopping 42mm, perfect for sporty looks and functions. The line’s Campus series, on the other hand, takes the size down a few notches at either 38 or 39mm. The colors of the Campus series remain easy on the eyes in either white, black, or midnight blue dial. At a first glance, the collection’s Aqua series come with striking visuals. Aside from the basic colors, the NOMOS Club can also come in a siren blue or siren red dial. You can also take it deeper into the ocean with 200m (656ft) of water resistance. If you want a simpler NOMOS Club watch, you can opt for the basic models, which either come in manual, automatic, or date movements. 

Basic NOMOS Club watches cost from $1,550 USD to $2,620 USD with the automatic watch as the most expensive choice. If you feel like splurging a bit, the NOMOS Club Neomatik 42 sits at around $4,060 USD for a brand new watch. The Campus series range from $1,500 to $2,980 USD. Meanwhile, the collection’s Aqua series starts at $3,040 USD to $3,550 USD. 

Prices for the NOMOS Ahoi: A Must-Have for Sports Enthusiasts 

The NOMOS Ahoi is the brand’s offering for the sports enthusiasts. Among its many features include a water resistance of up to 200m (656ft). If you reach this deep underwater, telling time wouldn’t be a hassle with its luminous hands and hour markers. Additionally, the design of the watch remains just as tidy with the inclusion of some sporty details. For instance, it comes with a crown protector that keeps the screw-down crown safe from impact. NOMOS Ahoi watches also come with a water-resistance textile strap for comfortable wear during any activity including diving. 

As expected from the brand, the NOMOS Ahoi also comes in different sizes to cater to different preferences. The movements of the watch also vary, which makes its price flexible. For an even sportier feel, you have the choice among bold colors for the dial. With siren blue or siren red in the options, a striking watch remains a viable decision. However, if you’re into a more understated or classy feel for a sports watch, the NOMOS Ahoi Atlantic will perfectly fit you. With a dark blue dial, this timepiece goes beyond sporty and can transition to business meetings. 

So how much is a NOMOS Ahoi watch? At $2,600 USD, you can cop a no-date NOMOS Ahoi with the automatic caliber DUW 5001. For a few hundred dollars of savings, a pre-owned NOMOS Ahoi can be more accessible at $2,300 USD. If, on the other hand, you prefer a watch with a date display plus the DUW 5101 calibre, expect to shed about $2,800 to $3,200 USD. The Ahoi Atlantic proves more expensive with iterations that come with or without a date display. The Ahoi Neomatik, at 36mm, can cost about $3,200 USD for a striking siren red dial. 

Prices for the NOMOS Orion: Simple and Contemporary 

The NOMOS Orion is one of the brand’s simplest designs. It features only the necessary information needed by the wearer. Its dial has thin minute and hour indexes, overall protected by a domed sapphire glass. Looking at it from the side, it gives an interesting shape compared to other flat NOMOS watches. Just like the other collections on our list, the Orion men’s and women’s watches also come with an option of a manual or Neomatik movement. With that, its sizes range widely from 33mm to 41mm. 

As for the price — you can purchase a mint-condition timepiece with a steel caseback for about $1,400 USD and $1,300 USD pre-owned. If you'd like a view of the movement through a sapphire glass caseback, be prepared to spend another couple hundred dollars. 

For $1,600 USD, you can already cop the 35mm NOMOS Orion. However, you can save more with a pre-owned Orion at $1,200 USD. NOMOS Orion Neomatik watches, as expected, sit around at $2,300 to $2,700 for pre-owned and new ones, respectively. The 41mm NOMOS Orion Neomatik Date costs even more at $3,100 USD. Orion watches with the Alpha movement prove more reasonably priced than watches with the DUW 4101, which cost about $2,100 USD for brand new. 

Prices for the NOMOS Metro: A Watch for the Modern Man 

The NOMOS Metro is one of the most popular collections from NOMOS alongside the Tangente. This collection was launched just in time for the brand’s proprietary Swing System in 2014. NOMOS Metro watches perfectly suit the modern jungle. This takes from the watch’s modern and industrial feel. Designed by Mark Braun, a Berlin-based independent designer, it garnered various awards upon launch. Award-giving bodies such as the German Design Award, GOOD Design Award, and iF Award have all recognized this watch. 

The model is also available in 12 versions, made to suit each style and preference. The collection’s defining trait is, perhaps, its minute markers. Even more prominent than the hour markers that come in dots, the watch’s dial comes with a 60-minute set of numbered markers. Generally, the Metro collection is a lot to unpack. It comes in either rose gold or stainless steel cases. You can also opt for either an automatic or manual calibers. 

The quintessential NOMOS Metro men’s watches come with the manual DUW 4401 caliber. This movement comes with a date display located at 6 o’clock, as well as a power reserve indicator. Buying a brand new version of this watch can cost about $2,800 USD, while the pre-owned versions don’t make much difference at $2,700 USD. For a 38mm model that doesn’t have a date or power reserve display, it costs about $2,000 USD. You can add a few more hundred dollars for a date display, which can range from $2,100 to $2,300 USD. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to have your Metro powered by the Neomatik movement, it’s best to prepare at least $2,900 USD. The silvercut and midnight blue Metro Neomatik watches cost about $3,000 USD. The most expensive NOMOS Metro watch comes with a rose gold case. Brand new, the price comes at about $9,700 USD. However, you can cop a second-hand watch for about $6,900 to $7,200 USD. 

Prices for the NOMOS Minimatik: Thin and Elegant 

The NOMOS Minimatik collection, as its name suggests, comes in smaller sizes. At 35mm, it fits more delicate or slim wrists. Moreover, it’s even slimmer than other watches. NOMOS launched its high-end caliber DUW 3001 with this watch. This movement comes at just 3.2mm in height. This gives the watch such a slender look. Ultimately, the timepiece is an elegant accessory that functions even better than other watches. The Minimatik comes in either white, champagne, or midnight blue dial. 

How much is a NOMOS Minimatik watch exactly? The white Minimatik proves more affordable at only $3,680 USD. Meanwhile, the champagne and midnight blue NOMOS Minimatik watches cost about $3,800 USD for a brand new piece. 

Prices for the NOMOS Ludwig: A Watch for the Classic Lover 

Lovers of classic watches would appreciate the NOMOS Ludwig collection. It’s classism in the modern era. Its indexes come in Roman numerals framed by a slender bezel and lugs. With either hand-wound or automatic movements, it’s exactly what lovers of the vintage and modern watches would adore. Among the movements available for the watch include the Neomatik, the hand-wound DUW 3001, as well as the DUW 6101 with a date feature. 

So, how much exactly is a NOMOS Ludwig men’s watch? Well, this collection has a pretty wide price range. Starting at $1,380 USD, you can get the NOMOS Ludwig with a manual movement. The ultra-thin NOMOS Ludwig powered by Neomatik costs about $3,360 to $3,400 USD. For a Ludwig with an automatic movement, expect to spend from $3,180 to $3,780 USD. 

Prices for the NOMOS Tetra: The Quirky Watch 

The square case of the NOMOS Tetra definitely sets it apart. Launched in 1992, it’s as old as the Orion, Ludwig, and Tangente families. Despite it having a square case, the dial of the Tetra greatly resembles that of the Tangente. It comes with alternating Arabic numerals arranged around the square dial. Compared to other models, however, it comes with smaller sizes. It also features a range of colorful dials. For instance, the Petit Four series from this collection comes with colors such as pink, beige, mint, and blue for the dials. 

As for the prices, you can cop a NOMOS Tetra men’s watch for as low as $1,600 USD. The most expensive NOMOS Tetra watch costs about $2,980 USD for one with a Neomatik movement. Even better, you can opt for a pre-owned Tetra that costs about $2,400 USD. 

Prices for the NOMOS Autobahn: The Brand’s Sportiest Watch 

More recently, at the 2018 Baselworld, the brand launched the NOMOS Autobahn. It’s the sportiest men’s watch among its collections with a 41mm case and a dial inspired by a car’s speedometer. Designed by Werner Aisslinger, it features eight SuperLuminova boxes arched across the dial. With the hour hand perfectly wrapped with lume, it’s the most readable NOMOS watch yet. 

The watch powers through with the automatic caliber DUW 6101. With a total thickness of 10.5mm, it’s decently comfortable around the wrist. Not to mention, it comes with a water-resistant textile strap. The depth rating of the watch comes at 100m (328ft), perfect for a casual swim. 

But how much exactly does aNOMOS Autobahn watch cost? $At 3,800 USD, you can take this sporty watch home. However, pre-owned Autobahn watches only cost about $3,100 USD. 

Prices for the NOMOS Lambda and the NOMOS Lux: NOMOS' Luxury Offering 

The brand takes gold seriously with the NOMOS Lambda collection. The design of Lambda is sleek yet classy, perfect as a dress watch or a corporate companion. Its dial features thin lines while its case, 18K gold with fine sunbeam polishing, as well as hand-beveled edges. This, perhaps, is one of the most expensive lines of watches from NOMOS watches for men. Working through three and a half days of power reserve, the NOMOS Atelier caliber DUW 1001 that powers the watch is truly reliable. Pair it with the Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, a gold NOMOS Lambda costs about $17,000. Meanwhile, a white gold Lambda can cost even more at $20,000 USD. However, to cater to other consumers, NOMOS made it available in stainless steel for only $7,500 USD. 

On the other hand, as its name implies, the NOMOS Lux collection truly is a luxury to have. Just like the Lambda, it costs north of $18,000 USD, making it the most expensive collection from NOMOS yet. Powered by the DUW 2001, the watch comes only in either white gold or rose gold rectangular cases. A rose gold NOMOS Lux watch costs about $19,500 USD, while the white gold iteration sits at about 21,500 USD. 

History of NOMOS Glashütte 

In 1990, the company opened in a small Saxon town in Glashütte, Germany. Roland Schwertner founded the brand just shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, we know NOMOS Glashütte as the biggest manufacturer of mechanical timepieces in Germany. Carrying the name of Glashütte, Schwertner assured that the brand develops its own caliber in house. In fact, it has 95% vertical integration of in-house mechanisms in its calibers. This greatly surpasses the 50% requirement of the government to carry the town’s name in its brand name. 

Today, the brand has about 300 employees still headquartered in Germany. Most of its components are hand-made. From milling plates to finely regulating the calibers, dedicated experts focus on each phase of the production. 

NOMOS Glashütte’s Award Winning Designs 

NOMOS Glashütte boasts being a member of the German Association of Craftsman. Being part of this association assures only high-quality designs. Not surprisingly, award-giving bodies such as the German Design Awards and the Red Dot Design Awards recognize the brand’s artistry and expertise, in particular, for its Tangente and Metro collections. Not to mention, the brand is a known collaborator of world-renowned German designers like Mark Braun and Werner Aisslinger. 

The Influences of Bauhaus Designs 

Perhaps, the greatest influence on NOMOS Glashütte watches is the Bauhaus school of thought. This design idea combines crafts and fine arts seamlessly in a functional yet artful creation. The colors yellow, blue, and red are heavily associated with the school. Alongside this, basic shapes such as circle, square and triangle come in play. 

The school believes in the use of these basics. Just as they do, NOMOS comes up with timepieces that take this thought into design. Form and function come together with great caution. Each timepiece is artfully made without having to sacrifice the way they work and information they provide. 

Famous People and NOMOS Glashütte 

The simplicity of the NOMOS Glashütte watches appeal mostly to politicians, with German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier as one of its fans. Former US President Bill Clinton also wore the watch as part of his vast watch collection. In their movies, Roger Moore and Sylvester Stallone also wore NOMOS watches. 

Why Should You Buy NOMOS Watches? 

There are many reasons to buy NOMOS watches. However, the most prominent reason has to be its exceptional quality being made from Germany. The company features only in-house calibers. Some of its models, including the NOMOS Metro and the NOMOS Tangente, also include the in-house NOMOS Swing System. With the linear and minimalist designs of its timepieces, they’re also award-winning. So, wearing a NOMOS watch is like wearing art for a specific function.


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