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New Longines Conquest Classic Watches

Longines Conquest Classic: Timeless Sports Watches

Launched in 2013, the Longines Conquest Classic collection looks exactly as it sounds. It comes with the elegance you can find from the Longines Conquest models that date as far back as the 1950s. It has the same modern sports watch appeal that can take you from your nine to five to a weekend of adventures. With such a timeless design, these watches are perfect for any occasion — formal or a day out with your friends. 

Longines boasts a number of collections that are of the highest Swiss quality and at the same time affordable. The Conquest Classic collection is no exception. Perhaps, its most popular models are the chronographs. However, Longines discontinued producing these watches in 2018.

Prices at a Glance: Most Popular Longines Conquest Classic Watches


Price (approximate)

Key Features

Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph Moon Phase, ref. L2.798.8.52.3

$8,600 USD

  • Chronograph
  • Moon phase display
  • Annual calendar
  • 24-hour display
  • 18-karat gold
Longines Conquest Classic Automatic, ref. L2.385.5.87.7

$3,200 USD

  • Automatic movement
  • Date window
  • 44 mm stainless steel two-tone case
Longines Conquest Classic Automatic, ref. L2.385.0.87.6

$3,100 SUD

  • Automatic movement
  • Date window
  • 33 mm stainless steel case
  • Diamonds on bezel
  • Mother of pearl dial
Longines Conquest Classic, ref. L2.785.5.56.7

$2,700 USD

  • Automatic movement
  • Date window
  • 40 mm stainless steel two-tone case
Longines Conquest Classic GMT, ref. L2.799.4.76.3

$2,200 USD

  • Second time zone
  • Date window
  • Automatic movement
Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph, ref. L2.786.4.56.6

$1,899 USD

  • Chronograph
  • 41 mm stainless steel case
Longines Conquest Classic Automatic, ref. L2.785.4.56.6

$1,400 USD

  • Date window
  • Automatic movement
  • Stainless steel case
Longines Conquest Classic, ref. L2.386.4.87.6

$1,350 USD

  • Date window
  • Quartz movement
  • Stainless steel case
  • Mother of Pearl dial
Longines Conquest Classic, ref L2.

$950 USD

  • Date window
  • Quartz movement
  • Stainless steel case
Longines Conquest Classic, ref. L2.386.4.72.6

$750 USD

  • Date window
  • Quartz movement
  • Stainless steel case


How much is a Longines Conquest Classic watch?

Prices for the Longines Conquest Classic 3-Hand Quartz and Automatic Models

If you want a watch that has great resemblance with the original Conquest model from 1954, you’re looking for a 3-Hand Conquest Classic. This bears striking resemblance with the classic, most especially the watches Longines released in 2019. It features the same classic narrow baton indexes as well as applied line indices right on the dial. You can avail of the watch in different colors such as black, silver, blue, and a gorgeous mother of pearl. If you want more refinement, you can also buy the watch with diamond indices instead.

This watch comes with a stainless steel case that is available in two sizes: 29.5mm or 34mm. Powering the watch are two different calibers, one quartz and, the other, mechanical. The L156 quartz caliber has a date display at 3 o’clock. As expected, they’re a lot more affordable than mechanical watches. At $700 USD, you own a 3-hand quartz-powered Classic Conquest watch. However, you would need an extra thousand bucks for diamonds on the bezel and/or dial.

While the automatic Conquest Classics were discontinued in 2018, many pre-loved watches are available in the secondhand market to this day. They’re easy to identify, especially with different dial designs. Firstly, these indexes are replaced by Arabic numerals 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. There are also 40mm stainless steel cases available for this movement, as well as those with two-tone cases. Other than these differences, everything about the two are completely identical.

Automatic movements for this watch are based on the ETA 2892-A2 movement. This has 42 hours of power reserve and Longines renamed it as L619. Meanwhile, the L888 is a modified ETA A31.L01. This is a more expensive movement especially that it features 64 hours of power reserve.

At $1,500 USD, you can bring home a stainless steel automatic model. You can pick between a black or  a white dial. Meanwhile, mother of pearl dials and diamond indices demand more at around $1,600 USD. If shiny is your thing, a model with diamonds on the bezel costs around $2,600 USD. Two-tone models of Conquest Classic with an automatic movement do cost more at $3,200 USD.

Prices for the Longines Conquest Classic GMT Models

Frequent travelers have one common requirement for their watches – a second time zone indicator. The Conquest Classic, being the all-around sports watch we need, has the same complication as well. Available in a 42mm diameter case, the Longines Conquest Classic GMT functions with the caliber L704.2 movement. This is based on the ERA A07.171 movement. This provides the timepiece a GMT function that proves incredibly helpful for those who travel often. In the middle of the dial, you can find a 24-hour scale that an additional central hand refers to. A stainless steel version costs around $1,700 USD to $2,100 USD with either a black or a white dial. Moreover, you can find a two-tone watch at around $3,100 USD.

Prices for the Longines Conquest Classic Chronographs 

Discontinued in 2018, the Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph remains as the tour de force in the collection. This is due to the column wheel chronograph that allows the watch to function as it does. Many watch enthusiasts would praise the column wheel mechanism and even go as far as calling it a superior function. Compared to cam-actuated systems, you’ll find that this is true. Not to mention, you also get smooth functioning push pieces that makes the watch such a treat.

ETA makes the movement for this watch exclusively for Longines, the caliber L688. Since both companies are from the Swatch Group, it only makes sense. The movement itself is based on a pre-existing ETA movement – ETA A08.L01. This movement has a 54-hour power reserve. With this movement, the watch gets an hour counter at 3 o’clock, a minute counter at 6 o’clock, and finally, a small seconds counter at 9 o’clock. A date display also sits between 4 and 5 o’clock. Moreover, to give you a great look of the movement, the watch comes with a sapphire crystal case back.

What’s great about this watch is that it’s as elegant as it’s sporty. It features a polished case and bezel. The metal bracelet completely adds to the sporty feel of the watch. The stainless steel case costs around $2,200 USD.

Some people wear the watch for black tie events and that’s where an alligator strap comes in. Two-tone version also exudes a different level of finesse and it costs around $3,300 USD. This will get you a combination of stainless steel and rose gold. Moreover, you also get a matching link bracelet and a dial in either silver or black. You can opt for a fancier case as well such as an 18K rose gold case, which demands about $7,500 USD. All the watches come with luminous indices with the 12 o’clock as an exception, marked with an Arabic numeral.

If you’re overwhelmed by all these details, here's a cheat sheet on the basic functions of the Conquest Classic with a column wheel chronograph function.

1. Cases available in stainless steel, rose gold, or two-tone

2. Matching bracelets or alligator straps

3. Powered by the Longines caliber L688

4. 54 hours of power reserve

5. Hour, minute, and second sub-dial

6. Date window

Prices for the Longines Classic with Moon Phase and Complete Calendar Functions

If the chronograph impressed you, wait until you see Conquest Classic models with not just a chronograph but also moon phase displays as well as complete calendars. Powered by the automatic caliber L678, this watch is the most complicated of all the models under this collection. The movement is based on the Valjoux 7751, giving the watch different functions.

Firstly, the long hand with a crescent-moon tip is slightly noticeable. This points to the current date with markers indicated around the edge of the dial. You can find the current day and month inside the 30-minute counter at 12 o’clock. The rest of the sub dials are the following: a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock with the moon phase display inside, a small seconds and 24-hour display in display at the 9 o’clock sub dial. Now, that’s a truly complicated watch.

You find this watch in either stainless steel, rose gold, or two-tone cases. The dials also vary in color namely blue, silver, dark red, and black. Finally, you can get it with a matching metal bracelet or have it with a leather strap instead.

This Conquest Classic watch in stainless steel costs around $2,500 USD. Meanwhile, the two-tone version costs around 3,300 USD. If you want to avail of the watch in 18K rose gold, you would need to dish around $8,600 USD.

To keep things easy, here are the basic function you should be looking forward to with this watch:

1. A chronograph function

2. 24-hour display

3. Complete calendar (date, day, and month)

4. Moon phase display

5. Stainless steel, rose gold, or two tone cases

6. Matching bracelet or leather strap

History Behind the Longines Conquest Classic Collection

Longines has long been a steady player in the Swiss watchmaking industry. This company not only provides high-quality timepieces but they’re also incredibly affordable. They also offer watches with a mechanical movement as well as quartz movements. This gives the company a very wide clientele – from those seeking prestige to those looking for a reliable timepiece that will last.

As an institution, the company had various partnerships in place. Longines became not only an associate but also an advocate of different sports such as endurance competitions, Alpine skiing, archery, and more. This prompted the company to launch timepieces perfect for different sports events. One of those is the Longines Conquest Classic collection. This collection takes inspiration from the chronographs that Longines had back in 1878. This led to watches that are not only timeless but also a true example of modern-day Swiss watchmaking technology.

The watches in this collection vary in sizes as well as movements used. Most are based on and/or developed by ETA for the company. Some of the best-selling watches in this collection include 3-hand timepieces. They invoke the classic Longines design in either quartz or mechanical movement.

In 2018, the company stopped producing the chronographs. However, it’s still a popular timepiece that many people vie for in the secondhand market. The Longines Conquest Classic Moon Phase is the most complicated watch in the collection with various functions available in one watch. 

Reasons to Buy a Longines Conquest Classic Watch

Longines itself is a well-known brand. It sits alongside the likes of TAG Heuer and Bell & Ross. That said, the quality of its watches is easily one of the best traits you can find in the market. Proudly Swiss-made, the watches from Longines are of high quality. Not to mention, it’s a mid-range brand that will guarantee you more affordable price points. The same can be guaranteed when it comes to the Longines Conquest Classic collection. Here are a few reasons why the Conquest Classic should be on your radar.

1. Conquest Classic watches are sports watches that feature very classy designs.

2. The models in the collection have either a calendar function, moon phase display, or a column wheel chronograph.

3. Coming from Longines, you can only expect Swiss precision with this watch in both automatic and quartz calibers.

4. The watches are available not only for men but also for women.

5. You can find watches with diamond studs for those who want more exquisite designs.

Longines Conquest Classic: An Ode to a True Classic

Longines knows its way around rereleased timepieces. They also know exactly how to make people swoon with timeless designs taken from their rich heritage as a leading Swiss watchmaker. The company has multiple collections and each one draws a clear-cut line that displays the intricacy on each of their offers. The Longines Conquest Classic watch is just one of the fine examples of this. This collection embodies what Longines does best – take a classic and make it new. They gave the watch a timeless design and without sacrificing the functions that make watches astounding. It’s a classic and a wonderful experience right around the wrist. While some models have already been discontinued, we can only hope for the company to revive them one of these days.

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